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If your website contains videos, you definitely want your visitors to watch them without a hassle. It is for this reason that you need to create Google video sitemaps, which can be done with ease with the help of a website mapping tool. The video sitemap feeds the search engine with crucial metadata about video content on a site. The fact that Google, the search engine giant operates the web’s largest search entity, your video stands a high chance of being discovered by visitors and can attain the highest possible exposure.
Website owners can use video sitemaps to inform Google about crucial details about the video like the title, category, running time, description and target audience for every video uploaded on the site. This way, Google will understand each of the rich video content available on the site, resulting in enhanced listing of the website on video search results based on the keywords.

video sitemap 2One important consideration you must bear in mind when uploading videos to your site is to ensure that the format is widely supported. The video details can either be submitted in a separate sitemap or added to the regular sitemap, but the incorporated URLs for the videos can be searched via Google video as well as other search platforms that Google offers. Whenever users access the videos via Google, the video content and accompanying information are presented as thumbnail images, extracted from the sitemap, which is then connected to the hosted settings for playback.

Embedded videos on your website’s pages are automatically detected by the sitemap generator script, which then creates a different sitemap with associated information. The video sources that are supported in the current version include;

  • YouTube
  • GoogleVideo
  • Vimeo 

Furthermore, also supported is the VideoObject Schema markup.

Visit google webmaster tools help pages for more information.


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