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Website Content Audits & Monitoring

The health of your website is always changing so it’s important to monitor any issues that might arise and create a negative effect on usability as well as SEO. DYNO Mapper performs content audit monitoring every week to ensure that the integrity of your website is upheld. You will receive weekly notifications and your progress will be charted with report creation capability. The “Content Audit” feature will make sure that your content is not only presented to search engines in the best way, it will also reveal what holes are present within your website architecture.


content audit

Content Audit Features


Find the Issues You Need to Fix for SEO, Content Strategy, and Information Architecture

  • Broken Links
  • 4xx (Client Error)
  • Duplicate Meta Title
  • Missing Meta Titles
  • Too Long Meta Titles > 70
  • Duplicate Meta Descriptions
  • Missing Meta Descriptions
  • Too Long Meta Descriptions > 160

Track Your Website’s Progress to a Healthy Information Architecture

  • Weekly or Monthly Updates
  • Email Notifications

Create Reports That Display Your Website’s Progress and Health

  • Track your progress
  • Export PDF reports

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