Website Content Inventory

Inventory websites and find out how many subdomains, pages, images, documents, videos, audio, and files are within a website or online application. Search, sort, and filter inventory information based on inventory type, status, and location. After finding exactly what you are looking for, you can export lists for quick relief from content headaches. Each page on the sitemap will also display the corresponding inventory information per page.




All Assets

Cataloging the entire contents of a website can be daunting and inaccurate if you are doing this manually with a spreadsheet. Itemize each subdomain, page, image, document, video, audio, and file that is within a website or online application.


Public or Private

Inventory public or private websites and online applications using basic authentication, cms authentication, or by using our custom system login feature for custom forms.


HTML or JavaScript

It can be difficult to create an inventory of a JavaScript website or application. Our system is flexible and allows for the inventory regardless of the technology used to create your web property.


Content Type

All of the content inventory assets can be filtered by content type by selecting the Type drop-down to choose from pages, images, documents, videos, and files.


HTTP Status Code

All of the content inventory assets can be filtered by HTTP status code by selecting the Status drop-down to choose from ok, bad links, redirects, and unknown errors.



All of the content inventory assets can be filtered by location by selecting the Location drop-down to choose from internal or external to view assets contained locally or from an external domain.



Search the entire content inventory using the provided search box and functionality. Search by any asset's public or private URL to find exactly what you are looking for.


Page Title

Search by page title to find any public or private page contained in your content inventory and find URL details, internal linking details, and variations of the searched page.


Subdirectory or Subdomain

Search the content inventory for pages within a subdirectory or subdomain by using the search bar to enter the base URL of the subdirectory or subdomain to see corresponding assets.


All Occurrences

Export each and every occurrence (internal linking) of a content inventory asset to CSV for easy import into Microsoft Excel or any other spreadsheet program.


Excel Compatible

CSV (comma-separated values) is a simple file format that is ideal for the transfer of a large amount of data and can be easily imported into spreadsheet programs like Microsoft Excel.


Saved Exports

Each CSV export is saved with time and date stamp to your content inventory export section so you can access this later and have a backup in case you need to review again.

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