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Content Inventory and Content Analysis Tool

The discovery phase can often be a complicated one. Even before a project begins, we must know what type of animal we are dealing with. DYNO Mapper will inventory your website and let you know exactly how many pages, images, and links are in question. Then Inventory Detail feature will let you search, sort, and filter inventory information based on inventory type, status, and location. After finding exactly what you are looking for, you can export lists for quick relief from content headaches. Each page on the site map will also display the corresponding inventory information within the inventory pop-up.



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Content Inventory Features

Find out Exactly What You Are Working with from the Beginning

  • Easy website inventory for informed budgeting and planning
  • Admin section with easy to use tools for viewing content
  • Mobile accessible
  • Optional pop-up analytics display on sitemaps
  • Inventory the number of sub-domains, pages, images, links, files, bad links, and errors
  • Filter by type: page, image, document, video, audio, or file
  • Filter by location: internal or external

Easily Filter Pages, Images, Files, and Links to Track down Desired Content

  • Filter by Type: Page, Image, Document, Video, Audio, or File
  • Filter by Status: Ok, Bad Links, Redirects, Unknown Error
  • Filter by Location: Internal, External
    Content Inventory

Easily Search Your Website Inventory Pages, Images, Links, and Files

  • Find out how many sub-domains exist within a web property
  • Get an itemized count of all public facing pages of a URL
  • Find all existing links within a website
  • Identify all existing bad Links and where they occur within your website
  • Find link errors to optimize your user's experience
    Content Inventory

Export Customized Spreadsheets That Are Compatible with Other Platforms

  • Expand occurrences can show you exactly where items are linked within your website
  • Export lists of your last filter settings using the Current Result feature
  • Export lists of pre-sorted information using the Current Sorting feature
  • Export separated lists using the Current Page feature
    Content Inventory

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