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DYNO Mapper has simplified the process of soliciting and receiving feedback during the web development cycle. Site map hierarchy discussions often involve communicating and coordination with multiple individuals. DYNO Mapper manages your stakeholder input and provides a place to organize group feedback. The comment feature allows public or private users to comment on a page by page basis. DYNO Mapper organizes all comments by site map project and by page so that handling multiple projects is easy and organized. You can easily search and filter comments by keyword. It includes advanced notification capability with an easy to use interface. DYNO Mapper greatly improves project communication throughout the development cycle and creates a saved history of dialog for future reference. 




Collaboration Features

Organize your communication

  • Users can comment on each page
  • Public or private comment restriction
  • Optional activity feed display
  • Optional notification when a user comments 
  • Admin comment section that organizes feedback

Easily manage multiple projects   

  • Comments are categorized by project for easy filtering  
  • Filter comments by page title
  • Filter comments by keyword

Search comments by keywords and users

  • Comments are categorized by project for easy searching
  • Search comments by page title
  • Search comments by keyword

Share your collaborative environment 

  • User independent notifications capability 
  • Comment feeds can be set to Public or Private
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