About HTML Sitemaps

How HTML Sitemaps are Created and their Importance to Your Website

There are millions of websites in the world, all competing for higher rankings in SERPs. Competition is rife in almost all niches and therefore, you have to be the very best to attract more traffic and ensure that the user experience is above par. It is for this reason that we use HTML sitemaps that basically makes it possible for your site’s visitors to navigate the site with ease.

Simply put, a sitemap is an outline of your website’s navigation in bullet texts. In the outline, the anchor text displayed is connected to the specific referenced page. To make it easier for your site’s visitors to identify any topic they find trick locating through normal website search or navigation through the menus, they can just jump to the sitemap and will be directed the right location. This does not only save them time, but also enables them get the necessary content.

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Sitemaps are not restricted to the HTML format because they can also be created in XML then submitted to search engines to ease crawling and make it more effective. Therefore, the use of sitemaps makes it possible for search engines to discover and track each page on your website-plus any URLs that might remain hidden during the normal crawling process by most search engines. Sitemaps are highly recommended for the following;

  • Websites that are filled with dynamic content
  • New websites without many inbound links
  • Sites with lots of poorly linked content that has since been archived.

For a better impression about sitemaps, find an example of a HTML sitemap we created for DYNO Mapper here 

Additional Resources:

View a video by Matt Cutts, the head of Webspam team at Google as he explains why HTML sitemaps are important.


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