Dyno Mapper Features


A Website Mapping Tool that lets you Create, Edit and Share Sitemaps, Seamlessly.

Not only is DYNO Mapper integrated with Google analytics, link information and comments, it also features a website mapping tool, keyword tracking, a content inventory and audit tool, accessibility testing and more for efficient collaboration.

Visual Sitemap Generator

It is easy and fast to create sitemaps from scratch, via crawler, xml, or existing records with a website mapping tool like DYNO Mapper. Just enter the URL of any website and let DYNO Mapper’s crawler do all the work. Easily Edit the hierarchy, colors, titles, and urls for each sitemap with 4 awesome styles to choose from.


Content Inventory

There is nothing more frustrating to a user than clicking a bad link on your website. Your current users will get frustrated because they cannot find what they are looking for which could damage your reputation online. Broken links have a very negative impact on your search engine rankings in Google, Yahoo, and Bing. 

Google Analytics

There has never been a better way to display and share analytics for the purpose of planning and communicating website architecture. DYNO Mapper can display analytic information within the sitemap by simply clicking on the analytics icon. Make design and content decisions more strategically with DYNO Mapper. 


Collaboration is key when dealing with C levels, Board of Directors, Design Teams, and Content Strategists. DYNO Mapper allows users to collaborate on site architecture and implementing a content strategy. Post comments to discuss and plan sitemap changes with other users and also to remind yourself of that brilliant idea. 

Content Audit

After a content inventory you will want to complete a content audit where you will perform a qualitative analysis of all of the content on your website to learn what’s good, what’s bad and what’s got to go (or be changed) in order to improve your website. DYNO Mapper performs content audit monitoring every week to ensure that the integrity of your website is upheld.

Keyword Tracking

Keyword ranking data provides great insight about how your content is performing in search engines. You can easily crawl any website and DYNO Mapper will find all of the keywords used in a website’s Meta data, providing you with the option to track each keyword or keyword phrase.

Accessibility Testing

DYNO Mapper will evaluate HTML content for accessibility problems so that equal access to online services can be provided. It will check all pages on your website pages and easy to read reports that can be exported to PDF. 


To enhance the user experience and to ensure that your website is performing as best as possible, DYNO Mapper provides users with regular email notifications for sitemap comments, daily keyword ranking as well as weekly or monthly content monitoring.


Easily share your site map architecture through a unique url, email, Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. Users can view link information, analytics, and comment though our hosted site map solution. 



Export your inventory information to isolate your content types like pages, images, errors, and bad links. Export Microsoft & Google compatible spreadsheet.



Filter pages based on analytics information to get to the most relevant information for an informed content strategy approach and execution.

Cloud Storage

Access site map, inventory, analytics, and comments from any connected device. No software of apps to install with the freedom to work from anywhere.


Private Beta

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