Important SEO Tips for Sitemaps

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SEO Tips for Sitemaps

One of the most critical and often overlooked components of search engines optimization is the fact that sitemaps have an important role to play. If properly managed, crawl rates can be influenced by ensuring that the website has sufficient internal links, best achieved with sitemaps. Some pages may have been removed from the search engines for one reason of the other, mostly because of improper use of htaccess file that bars search engines spiders from crawling pages and indexing its content. Content can never permanently be lost online; you can regain your ranking by fixing broken links. You no longer have to worry about technical codes because you can rely on website mapping tools that create the sitemaps with ease.

It is possible to monitor the progress of crawling, therefore ensuring that all the pages are, and remain indexed. The most common way however to remain indexed is to try and get links from high ranking websites characterized by a higher frequency of crawling. Just ensure that the link is do-follow because the crawlers will follow it to your site. You also have to understand that large websites have their root folder further away from the bots. Embracing a tiered approach is however recommended for sites with many pages in different subfolders. This is because you have one primary sitemap linking to subordinate sitemaps. You can rely on premium website mapping tools to create the sitemap.

When creating HTML sitemaps in particular, it is important to include a brief description about the page and its content. Bear in mind that the HTML sitemap is supposed to guide website users straightforwardly navigate your website. This will not only save them time they would have spent searching for content on the site, but also present the information neatly. You retain the traffic longer and with a better user experience, you can become their favorite site for repeat visits. The descriptions should be keyword-enhanced to improve the SEO value in the long run. Use an appropriate website mapping tool to create both HTML and XML sitemaps fast.

Web page crawling and indexing of content helps increase a website’s web presence. That is why websites exist. With just a keyword, everyone in the world can find your content with just a click. Better visibility online is not just good for the rankings, but it is amazing for business. Sites that attract more traffic record higher returns on their investment than those that struggle for the bottom listings. Even though the use of a website mapping tool will not help you realize overnight online visibility, it is advisable to incorporate any other SEO strategy to enable you achieve the ultimate search engine ranking.

There are divergent views regarding the actual effect of sitemaps to search engines optimizations. However, what really matters that your content is first indexed and then sails through the search engines rankings. Everything else is secondary because sites exist to serve online public. If you truly understand the needs of the online community, then the chances of getting it wrong are slim. Try using a sitemap generator and enjoy the SEO benefits of sitemaps. Read our previous article called Sitemaps for SEO.

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