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Use Analytics to Make Informed Decisions

DYNO Mapper can display Google Analytics data for each page on your site map. Users can click the analytic icon to view and compare data from user selected metrics. The Analytics detail page gives you a snap shot of all your important site wide analytics data totals with lists of top content pages. The site map analytics filter allows users to highlight pages using selected metrics. Our filter tools allow you to quickly understand and visualize what is driving traffic and where. For example, you can highlight pages that fulfill the criteria of top 80% of traffic and express this visually through the site map display. This allows users to quickly identify top performing content that can influence your content strategy.




Google Analytics Integration Features

Connect Any Google Analytics Account

    • Fast and easy to setup
    • Use multiple accounts within one account
    • Analytics Summary Page includes Sessions, Users, Pageviews, Pages/Session, Avg. Session Duration, Bounce Rate, % New Sessions
    • Analytics Summary and Individual Page Detail
    • View traffic from Social Networking sites
    • Public or Privately shared via sitemaps
      Google Analytics Integrationdyno analytics



Filter to Highlight and Isolate Pages

  • The optional filter allows anyone viewing the site map the ability to sort using analytics
  • Easily identify pages of high priority
  • Sitemap Filter metrics include Pageviews, Unique Pageviews, Average Time on site, Bounce Rate, Exit Rate
  • Use expressions and metrics to filter pages. For example, you could Filter: PageviewsTop80%. This highlights pages within the site map that have the top 80% of Pageviews. Clients can easily collaborate on decisions using our simple interface.
    Google Analytics Integration    

Easily Find Pages and Their Corresponding Analytics

  • Use keywords to search page titles
  • Use keywords to search page URLs
  • Sortable columns using analytics metrics
    Google Analytics Integration

Give Your Users Control of What Data They See

  • Shared users can view sitemaps and adjust time-frame.
  • Shared users can compare two sets of date ranges 
  • Optional analytics summary displayed in each sitemap
  • Individual page analytics can be accessed through the analytics icon on sitemaps that have connect their Google Analytics account
    Google Analytics Integration
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