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What Is an Image Sitemap?

The metadata about the images available on your site is communicated to Google through the aid of Google image sitemaps. This means that your site’s visitors can simply conduct an image search on Google and get all related data fast. Therefore, the use of Google image extensions in your sitemaps offers the search engine with extra data about the images contained on your site. This makes your images discoverable by Google, some that might have remained hidden through normal crawling like the ones you access via JavaScript forms.

Image Sitemap

To feed Google with more information about the images on the website, the site owner has to incorporate necessary details into the standard sitemap like the subject matter, image type, caption, geographical location, title, and license. Going through this process is important for it makes it possible for the website owners take note of importance of each image on every page.

Our sitemap generator script will incorporate unique images URLs in sitemap to avoid image duplication for all the pages. The images sitemap is kept in a different xml file.

You can also find out more details here; google webmaster tools help pages.

As much as you might want to spend an afternoon marking up your sitemap with XML scheme manually, some people will definitely not find this an ideal activity for an afternoon, irrespective of the circumstances. It is for this reason that you should consider an image sitemap maker. Things get better because it can be as easy as adding a plugin to your CMS. If you would like that to be done for you, then don’t hesitate to sign up for Dyno Mapper.

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