Top 25 SEO Blogs to Stay Up-to-date with Search

Top 25 SEO Blogs to Stay Up-to-date with Search

Last Edited September 11, 2023 by Garenne Bigby in Search Engine Optimization

What blogs do you read, and how do they help you shape your blog or website? The type of blogs (and specific blogs) you read or subscribe to can influence your site development. But did you know that they can also help you with your website optimization?

Having access to a list that compares blogs according to their search engine optimization ranking allows you as a blogger (or website owner, for that matter) to check up on what SEO trends are working the best. This access, in turn, allows you to adjust your optimization methods and marketing plans, and start implementing successful changes.

On the other hand, perhaps you’re an SEO expert or looking to become an SEO freelancer. Maybe you’ve been promoted at work or transferred, and need to start brushing up on SEO trends as part of your new position’s responsibilities.

As with most aspects of online marketing schemes, the realm of SEO tends to evolve on an almost constant basis. Most of the evolving trends won’t require much change on your part, but others most definitely will. In fact, thanks to recent developments in the voice search capabilities of search engines (as an example), updating your SEO methodology has become a requirement rather than an option. Due to the change in how search engines interact with your site, a host of new features and functions have been introduced.

Keeping up with these trends can be difficult. This makes keeping in touch with successful SEO blogs even more imperative! In fact, reading such blogs should be considered a daily requirement for any serious blogger, site manager, and SEO expert.

There are many ways to do so, and different blogs may use different subscription methods. These include email subscription delivery systems, RSS feeds, and blog aggregation—even social media notifications!

But which blogs are the best to subscribe to? There are a lot of sites and tools that rank blogs these days. Each one seems to have their own opinion and methodology, which can make for a confusing array of lists.

Trying to follow too many blogs can leave you overwhelmed by all the information and resources being put out there. Keeping your list manageable is an absolute must—otherwise, you’ll find yourself confused as to which sources to trust more than others, what advice to heed and which to ignore. Implementing your new-found knowledge also becomes a nightmare if you’re overstimulated.

Missing out on valuable information because you’re following too many blogs can be a costly mistake. But at the same time, losing out on that same information because you’ve left out the best sources will be just as expensive!

For this reason, we’ve compiled an authoritative reference guide to the top 25 best SEO blogs. We’ve even included some links to specific posts and features, so you can quickly see for yourself why we’re so excited about them!

Whatever subscription method works for you, we believe these are the best SEO blogs for you to be following. While you don’t need to try to follow every single one of them, we do recommend that you supplement your current reading list with at least the top 10.

top seo blogs 

Top SEO Blogs

1 - The Moz Blog

moz seo blog

Moz is a leading search engine optimization company based in Seattle. They provide tools such as the Moz Rank Tracker, as well as other paid services. Especially with regards to our list, they also provide quality resources and information on the ever-evolving realm of SEO. In fact, Moz is widely considered by experts in the field to be the world’s number on SEO Consultancy Company.

Some of these experts also happen to contribute toward the Moz Blog. Some of the search engine optimization industry’s leading names help to create a platform for the best SEO advice, research, insights, and how-to tips for optimizing your site.

There’s a whole host of articles available, and their archive is quite impressive too. You’ll easily find quality pieces on a host of SEO related topics, including JavaScript bot experience, domain authority, page authority, and link count metrics. Not sure whether it’s worth going to a marketing conference? Rand Fishkin’s piece on The Case For and Against Marketing Conferences will help you make up your mind.

The Moz Blog is a fantastic resource to follow for keeping your SEO and online marketing methods and skills up to date. We highly recommend it as the number one SEO related blog to subscribe to—especially as you’ll be able to access the free Moz SEO tools and tutorials. With each blog piece, you also have the option of following the individual experts’ blogs too, which is an excellent option to have.

2 - Search Engine Land

searchengineland seo blog

Search Engine Land’s “Must Read News About SEO, SEM and Search Engines” blog is very active, with an average of 29 posts per week. These posts include industry news such as updates from search engines, as well as exploring current search engine marketing (SEM) trends. Paid search advertising and search engine optimization are both included in these trends and news features.

Search Engine Land also offers expert advice and tips, with suggested tactics, How To guides, and analysis.

Their white paper post on The State of Digital Advertising 2017 is one of the most extensive offerings of its sort available online. The piece includes highlights such as the top priorities for marketers, ROI potential for different mobile search engine optimization strategies, tips on increasing advertising performance by approximately 70%, and much more.

The Search Cap feature posts offer daily summaries on what’s happened during the day, with links to detailed articles posted both on the Search Engine Land blog and elsewhere on the web. It includes updates from Marketing Land; their affiliated blog site focused on news related to online internet marketing.

Articles posted on the Search Engine Land blog site are incredibly informative and cover a range of SEO related topics. A good example of this is their coverage of how budget efficiencies in paid search campaigns relates and connects to SEO strategies.

All in all, Search Engine Land is a remarkable resource for all SEO and SEM related news and trends. As a blogger, site manager, or SEO expert, this is a blog well worth following.

3 - Search Engine Journal

searchenginejournal seo blog

The Search Engine Journal is yet another in-depth blog that enjoys regular updates—19 posts a week on average. Search Engine Journal offers articles that cover the marketing world on a daily basis. You’ll find subject guides and news reports, as well as argumentative and observational posts generated by experts in the field. The Search Engine Journal focuses predominantly on SEO, social media, content marketing, digital marketing, entrepreneurial and agency life, and paid search topics. This makes it a blog for just about everyone with an online presence.

The site’s layout is also incredibly attractive, making for easy reading and a pleasant experience. Here you’ll learn how to perform an AdWords audit with Corey Morris, use semantic SEO to add depth to your content with Wells Yu and find an informative checklist to help you ensure success with your local SEO ranking.

But that’s not all. You’ll also learn how to integrate content marketing strategies from last century for your business online, and how to boost your SEO ranking successfully with the help of guest bloggers.

Search Engine Journal also offers links to their partner stories. A recent example would be the article on discovering (and taking advantage of) hidden ranks. The post was sponsored by Pro Rank Tracker, one of the leading rank tracking and solutions software options available online.

With so much to offer, it should come as no surprise to you that the Search Engine Journal is a blog that features high on our list of recommendations.

4 - Neil Patel’s Blog

neilpatel seo blog

Neil Patel actively assists major companies like Amazon, GM, HP, MBC, and Viacom to grow their profit margins with his SEO tips. He has received notable acclaim for his work.

Forbes, a highly respected financial publication, has listed him as one of the Top 10 Online Marketers. Entrepreneur Magazine, another excellent source, credits Neil with having been the force behind one of their 100 Most Brilliant Companies in the World. And the Wall Street Journal, a publication no one can ignore no matter where you are in the world, has also called him one of the most influential experts on the internet.

So it really should come as no surprise that his blog appears so high on our list. In fact, you’ll probably recognize it from other lists just like it! Although he doesn’t post quite as often as some of the other blogs (only four times a week on average), this is because Neil prefers not to make use of guest bloggers. Considering his formidable reputation, we can understand his desire to have full control. After all, he also has over 100k unique visitors a month.

Neil offers a whole host of valuable information, such as tips on getting your first DA 80+ backlink, or how to increase your mobile site speed. He even hosts a regular webinar (online seminar) on increasing your visitor count without having to spend any money on ads—and it’s free to register.

5 - The Backlinko SEO Blog by Brian Dean

backlinko seo blog

Backlinko is an online business with a focus on generating traffic to your site. Founded by the respected SEO expert Brian Dean, specialization areas include content marketing, conversion from desktop to mobile site versions, SEO, and—as the name implies—link building. Brian has earned worldwide renown by helping several business owners with his specialized strategies, and the Backlinko SEO Blog will help you boost your ranking too. It’s worth stressing the fact that you really won’t be able to find his strategies anywhere else online!

From the get-go, the blog encourages you to sign up for these exclusive tips, which are tested by Brian personally. The main selling point? They helped him to double his site’s traffic in as little as two weeks—and he’s making them available to his subscribers free of charge.

Neil Patel (whom we’ve just mentioned as possibly the most famous SEO experts) has given his recommendation for Brian as the best there is in building links—which says a lot! has also given him acknowledgment, listing him as one of twelve brilliant marketing entrepreneurs, and Forbes put the Backlinko SEO Blog pretty high up on their top 20 web development and design blogs too.

If that’s not enough to convince you, then you should also consider his commitment to providing accurate content. For example, he tested nearly 200 SEO tools, both free and paid for, to make his own quality guide.

If you haven’t signed up by now, we seriously recommend that you do so as soon as possible!

6 - Reddit SEO

reddit seo blog

Reddit SEO is no doubt one of the most active blogs on our list, with about 117 fresh posts every week. It’s also a community-based platform, so you’ll be getting search engine optimization related news, tips, and case studies from a wide array of users and bloggers. This does mean you’ll have to sift through a lot of content, but most of it is of high quality and worth the read.

Reddit’s SEO category doesn’t just deal with search engine optimization either—users contribute content to many of the industry’s facets. Because it’s a community forum, you’ll also find that it’s incredibly interactive. As a subscriber, you’ll be able to ask questions and receive direction, as well as showcase your SEO knowledge by sharing your experience with other users that post queries.

Sometimes, users are quicker on the draw with reporting issues (or potential issues) than some of the experts. This is often because users are always making use of products and pick up bugs on the go, whereas experts prefer to observe and test products over an extended period before publishing their observations online. After all, that’s what makes them the experts! But it can be helpful to get a heads-up on such issues from everyday users. An example of this can be found in relation to Google’s latest website builder.

Even if you never post anything yourself, or interact via the commenting feature, Reddit’s SEO blog is worth keeping an eye on.

7 - Yoast SEO Blog

yoast seo blog

Almost everyone that uses the WordPress website builder and content management system for their blog has heard of the Yoast SEO plugin. In fact, if you’re serious about your WordPress site or blog getting noticed, it’s almost guaranteed to be the first plugin you installed when setting up!

But did you know that Yoast also has their own SEO blog? Based in Wijchen, The Netherlands, the Yoast SEO Blog gets updated thrice a week, on average, and is the perfect companion to the WordPress plugin. You’ll find in-depth articles covering SEO topics in general, as well as focused posts on Usability and Conversion Rate Optimization, SEO tips for eCommerce sites, Social Media Marketing and Analytics. They also cover WordPress of course, with tips and tricks on how to optimize your site using additional plugins. Naturally, you will also find tutorial posts on how to best use the Yoast SEO plugin specifically.

The Yoast SEO Blog will not only use their posts to keep you informed but will also direct you to relevant tweets and eBooks by the company. Of course, most of these eBooks will cost you between $19 and $35. However, when you subscribe to the Yoast SEO newsletter, they give you a free 50-page eBook! We’ve found it to be a wonderful source of SEO related information, especially if you’re just starting out.

Another great feature is their online coursework, which you can buy for yourself or your team. While these tend to be a bit pricey (ranging from $99 to $649 for the all-in-one course), they’re well worth the cost, and a considerate addition to a fantastic blog.

8 - Search Engine Watch

searchenginewatch seo blog

Search Engine Watch offers an authoritative guide on topics relating to Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing strategies, and Paid Search Advertising.

While the blog’s layout could be improved somewhat (the white space on either side makes the site look a little dated), the content is impeccable. Menu options categorize the site very professionally, with options for the topics mentioned above as well as industry related news, Analytics, Local SEO trends, Mobile optimization techniques, development, reports, and even a video section.

The blog also boasts regular webinars, a feature we introduced in relation to Neil Patel’s blog. The Search Engine Watch webinars are also free to register for and are incredibly insightful. Topics include tips on how to maximize customer data to create personalization on your site.

Featured articles include tutorial posts on scaling your business site internationally, reports on advertising trends, and a guide on technical SEO as it relates to mobile optimization (which is incredibly important). All articles are written by experts in their respective fields, meaning you won’t go wrong following the advice found on Search Engine Watch!

With about five posts a week on average, Search Engine Watch is an easy blog to follow—you certainly won’t have to worry about being over-stimulated with information. Regardless, everything you’ll find on the site is very instructive, and you’ll be doing yourself (and your business) a favor by subscribing.

9 - SEO Book by Aaron Wall

seobook seo blog

The brainchild of leading SEO expert Aaron Wall, SEO Book dates as far back as 2003 and has consistently remained one of the best online resources for site owners and managers. It’s by far one of the oldest SEO related sites that still offer regular updates.

The home page is admittedly hard to follow, with the latest posts listed in their full form one after the other in a continuous stream, but the posts are undoubtedly insightful and worth reading. Topics covered include reports on how the concept of a neutral web has been taken over by media that is blatantly agenda-driven (and how this may affect SEO). Aaron and his team (based in New Zealand and California respectively) also look at how your choice of a top level domain name (the .com part, as an example) can affect your SEO ranking.

Other exciting features include the SEO training program with over a hundred training modules on a variety of topics, such as advanced SEO techniques. By signing up, you’ll also gain access to the community forum, where you can pose questions and have them answered by some of the leading industry experts.

As yet another bonus, subscribing to their newsletter and signing up for an SEO Book account will also make several SEO tools available. These include a Competitive Research Tool, LocalRank tool, and even a plagiarism checker to ensure that your content provides a fresh take on the topics your blog or website covers.

10 - Search Engine Roundtable - The Pulse of Search Marketing Community

seroundtable seo blog 

The Search Engine Roundtable—tagged as the Pulse of the Search Marketing Community—is a vibrant site offering a well-thought-out view on various topics relating to search engines. Drawing from five Web Population segments, and represented by senior members of other major SEO and SEM forums, the Search Engine Roundtable’s goal is to offer readers a single source of information.

To help them fulfill this lofty mission statement, they draw from a wide range of writers and outside forums, offering links and to what they feel are the most interesting (and relevant) articles across the web.

With menu options for Google, Yahoo, and Bing specific articles respectively, it’s also an easy site to navigate. A fourth menu option directs you to posts relating to SEO in general, and a fifth (titled “other search topics”) will help you find tools, companies, and books. Their final menu option includes recap posts, pay per click engines, and SEO conferences.

One of the most notable articles published recently (and there are 29 new posts per week on average) is their informative heads-up on mobile optimization, advising users of the implications Google’s upcoming Mobile First Index on SEO ranking for m-dot sites versus responsive mobile-friendly designs.

Another healthy tip (that we haven’t found anywhere else just yet) is Google’s plans for the site that use rewriting in their URLs—something that will have a significant effect on your SEO ranking if yours is one of these platforms!

11 - SEMrush Blog

semrush seo blog

Based in Philadelphia, SEMrush offers not only a range of keyword tools (research and difficulty, among others) but an innovative blog. The SEMrush blog provides resources on content marketing and strategy, social media marketing, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, pay per click, and much more.

Updated about seven times a week, you’ll find quality reporting on Google’s quality updates and how they affect aggressive advertising plans, for example. Articles are also nicely linked to sister posts (or posts by the same contributor expanding on the topic) on similar blogs, including Search Engine Land (which you’ll recall is number two on our list).

You’ll also find content showing you how to gather information about your competitors that you can integrate on your site, as well as the practices you should be using to stay ahead of those same competitors.

It’s quality posts such as these—from expert guest contributors like Alexandra Tachalova, Veronica Hunt, and Glenn Gabe—that makes SEMrush’s blog a quality addition to your list of subscriptions. You’ll also find a host of excellent webinars, available in seven languages, covering a wide range of related topics such as the SEMrush tools.

SEMrush Chat also provides a platform for experts to answer questions and debate on relevant updates, which is consolidated into an article presented in an interview format, such as this one on ranking factors. As it should be, the SEMrush also has focus posts on the popular topic of mobile optimization, offering some top-quality SEO tips.

12 - GrowthHackers: SEO

growthhackers seo blog

If you’re looking for a premiere blog to help you grow your site, then is the place for you. There’s a range of beautiful interaction features, such as their Q&A section. This incentive allows for members to pose SEO questions and receive answers from other community members. If you’re browsing this part of the blog site, you’ll also appreciate the fact that the answer that’s been “upvoted” the most is previewed in part right beneath the question, giving you an idea of what advice to expect before you even open the link!

Another interactive option is the Discussions area, where you can brush up on what other members are saying about the third section—AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions with GrowthHacker experts.

Growth Studies offers a look at sites that are continuously exhibiting substantial growth, with some in-depth analysis of how they’re doing so—allowing you to gather marketing and content ideas for your site. Examples include Red Hat, BuzzFeed, and Nasty Gal (an eCommerce site that is to quote GrowthHacker, “killing it”).

Even more exciting is their new Ideas feature though, which embeds ideas in all their posts that you can easily save (look out for the “ideas inside” tag). This feature is a fantastic addition to an already great site, allowing you to find inspiration with ease.

All of this makes for innovative supplementation to the posts section, where you’ll find ranking tips for specific tools (such as Medium, a collaborative writing gallery that you can use as an advertising platform if you’re clever about it) and tutorial articles on topics such as the network effect.

13 - The Daily Egg: SEO

crazyegg seo blog

The Daily Egg is a vibrant blog covering a host of subjects, and SEO finds a privileged position with its section. Here, you’ll find excellent articles on a multitude of related subjects—included nifty and informative glossary terms by Sean Work and other “eggsperts.” The right-hand tab allows you to browse topics to find what you need.

These topics cover quite a vast selection—conversion, analysis, marketing, design, social media, and so much more. The Daily Egg is especially handy for first-time site owners/managers with a small budget, with tips on what to focus on when starting out and how to do so cost-effectively. Going the extra mile, posts such as their link building article not only explain why links are so important in SEO but show you how to go about optimizing your site this way without spending a small fortune!

The blog also tackles the ever-prevalent question of how to balance your content on the thin line between what viewers like and what search engines tend to give preference. It seems like a strange divide—after all, shouldn’t Google be showing users what they like?—and most people get understandably frustrated when their clever, catchy titles rank surprisingly poorly. We’ll give you a hint: there’s no perfect solution, but The Daily Egg will show you how to make the best of the situation.

Posts like this one are exemplary of why we love The Daily Egg so much—and why we’re sure you will too!

14 - ClickZ

clickz seo blog

If you’re looking for the latest news on digital marketing schemes and insights to help you stay on top of what’s happening in the SEO industry, the ClickZ is an attractive solution.

Based in New York City (but with head offices in London), it’s easily the largest source of SEO and marketing information (including commentary, advice, research articles, and references) across the globe—both online and offline.

Let’s show you what we mean.

Firstly, ClickZ offers some fantastic webinars in conjunction with some of our other top recommendations, covering a broad range of topics. Their most recent one (personalizing your site based on customer data), is free of charge.

They also post in-depth articles on events in the SEO and marketing industry, many of which they now host themselves (they call these a “ClickZ Intelligence Roundtable”), covering topics such as digital advertising. And there’s even something for individual industries looking for ideas on promoting and ranking their sites, including the recent post on interactive realities in the fashion business.

You’ll also find posts on how to optimize your customer engagement, which is a major factor in SEO no matter what your online platform’s format.

All things considered, ClickZ is a fantastic resource that is sure to help you promote your business online. Signing up for the ClickZ newsletter is an excellent idea, and we strongly recommend you consider doing so to receive regular updates on the best practices and industry news.

15 - Searchmetrics SEO Blog

searchmetrics seo blog

Brought to you from the city of San Mateo, California, the Searchmetrics SEO Blog offers articles from a wide array of authors producing quality content on SEO and online marketing issues. You’ll also find some fascinating statistics and trends covered here.

With catchy titles, the writers also make an effort to be as engaging as possible when covering topics such as increasing your visibility online with so-called SEO secrets. Articles such as this one explain how sometimes the best match for your search isn’t always the best ranking option, and how to improve your chances of spotting (and addressing) the potential reasons for search engines not being able to rank your site better.

The “Unwrapping the Secrets of SEO” articles form an ongoing series that is well worth following, including arguments for and against changing your site’s SEO scheme in preparation for the upcoming mobile-first initiative from Google (which we’ve mentioned earlier). This piece is an excellent example of how the Searchmetrics SEO Blog will help you make informed decisions, without forcing a choice onto you.

You’ll have easy access to the Searchmetrics Researchcloud, where you can test your site’s SEO visibility, backlinks, keywords, and your social visibility too. They also offer some fantastic white papers (authoritative reports that a downloadable) on a host of relevant topics. These include ranking factors for specific industries, such as eCommerce, finance, and health.

Registration is free, and while the blog is only updated once a week on average, those posts can be a valuable addition to your SEO and online marketing research.

16 - BrightEdge SEO Blog: The SEO Blog for the Industry’s Best SEO Platform

brightedge seo blog

It’s quite a lengthy title, but it does contain a well-deserved claim. As the BrightEdge SEO Blog rightfully proclaims, the best SEO practices tend to evolve on a relatively regular basis. For this reason, the blog is updated accordingly (although we’d like to see them increase their twice a week average) with tips on finding and incorporating opportunities to grow your online presence.

Competitive analysis is an SEO tool that gets punted a lot, but for a good reason—after all, it’s one of the reasons we’re compiling this list!—and the BrightEdge blog explains how to use it quite nicely. Something that’s just as worthy of exploring, but less well-known, is the concept of orphan pages. These are pages not linked to or from the rest of your site, which is a huge SEO oversight and can potentially drop your ratings drastically, so identifying and rectifying them is very important.

And of course, there’s the tricky matter of how to optimize your site to allow for an increasingly popular trend that’s been creeping up on us all since 2014: voice search. There aren’t many articles dealing with the phenomenon, but BrightEdge makes a noble attempt at preparing site owners and managers for the SEO implications and the changes you’ll want to make.

If that alone doesn’t convince you that this is a site worth subscribing to, then we’re not sure what will!

17 - SEO Blog by Ahrefs

ahrefs seo blog

Anyone familiar with SEO will surely have heard of Ahrefs, widely regarded as the best website analysis tool sets. They also offer one of the largest, most regularly updated live backlinks databases available.

While the Ahrefs SEO Blog isn’t updated as often (with only one new post a week, on average), it remains a competitive source for SEO related intelligence data.

With in-depth study and research articles, such as Nayomi Chibana’s look into the features found on search engine results pages (and how they affect your site’s traffic), you’ll be sure to stay on top of the latest trends and SEO tips available. The blog also offers some fantastic case studies, a recent example being their informative take on how to track traffic on your site as well as competitors.

You’ll certainly appreciate Ahref’s insights on tools and tips, offering readers a look at their recommendations for complex features most site managers don’t know about (but should), like Google Sheets formulas.

There are several sections (and subsections) worth exploring, containing over 300 posts altogether. Ahrefs’ mission is to help you get seen online, after all, and they endeavor to do so with articles on analysis, link building, keywords, content management, and technical SEO. They also offer an easy way for you to keep up to date with the constantly evolving Ahrefs products to help you implement the lessons you’ll be sure to learn on the blog.

18 - Positionly Blog: SEO and Inbound Marketing Blog

unamo seo blog

While certainly not the most popular SEO site online, the Positionly SEO and Inbound Marketing Blog is not to be scoffed at. Based in Warsaw, Poland, Positionly offers some online tools in addition to their blog, including the ability to monitor the keyword ranking for your site as well as your competitors’, on a daily basis. You’ll also be able to measure and compare your SEO performance.

The blog section shows you how to use these tools to improve your search engine visibility in a meaningful way, with further tips on its two main focus points: SEO and inbound marketing.

With a keen understanding of how social media provides a valuable platform for promoting your business and your site, Positionly has put forward an in-depth analysis on what the best times are for you to be posting on your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts for maximum effect. And as more and more businesses are starting to create related video content on YouTube (often embedding these on their sites), you’ll certainly want to take a look at Adam Coombs’ tips for increasing your views. Even if you haven’t got a YouTube account for your site yet, the article is still worth a read—and may even convince you to jump on the bandwagon! After all, it’s a platform that can seriously boost your site’s visibility online.

You’ll also notice that the Positionly blog is powered by Unamo, and features many articles on how the marketing suite can be used to boost your ranking.

19 - SEO Chat

seochat seo blog

This simply named but highly informative recommendation offers an attractive source for news articles and discussion points relating to the search engine optimization field.

You’ll also find some excellent SEO tools, available free of charge. These include an internal link building plugin for WordPress, a keyword suggestion finder research tool, and an on-page SEO optimization analysis tool, among many others.

If you’re making the smart choice and studying the SEO capabilities of various site builders and content management systems before building your site (or are considering redoing your site and want to move to a better option), you’ll certainly appreciate SEO Chat’s article on how your hosting choice will affect your ranking. And if you’re looking for a quick guide on the basic SEO necessities, you’ll also find their five crucial elements post a valuable source of information.

There’s a broad range of categories and subcategories to browse, all filled with fantastic articles covering topics like general marketing schemes, website promotion, optimization tips and tutorials for various search engines, and general search engine optimization news and announcements.

Despite only being updated on a weekly basis, SEO Chat is a good place to start looking for relevant articles—especially if you’re new to site management and SEO. The forums and support systems will prove invaluable on your journey, and their newsletter (which we highly recommend you subscribe to) will ensure that you keep up to date.


20 - The CognitiveSEO Blog on SEO Tactics and Strategies

cognitiveseo seo blog

CognitiveSEO presents their SEO blog with style, offering cutting-edge solutions to your digital marketing research needs as well as search engine optimization strategies.

Content curation is a debated topic regarding SEO. Many site owners feel they don’t need to use other writers’ research so much when developing their content (of course, this is highly industry dependent), but before you decide to hop on that particular bandwagon, you may want to take a look at these eleven examples that say otherwise. Here’s another hint, just in case—this article you’re reading right now on the Top 25 SEO Blogs uses curated content. Look where it got us!

Keywords are debated more fiercely than any other SEO topic, we guarantee it. Some experts claim short tail keywords are the way to go; others promote long tail keywords. With the rise of voice search, there are even some experts who have been tempted to (albeit rather tentatively) proclaim that keywords are dead! But keywords are not dead at all—and long-tail keywords, in particular, are going to become even more famous soon (by which we mean right now).

We don’t have much space left to convince you that the cognitiveSEO blog is worth the fuss we’re making about it, so let us direct your attention to this gem: 21 SEO facts that Google themselves have exposed. This piece is a quality example of how this blog strives to be incredibly informative and keep you in the loop at all times.

21 - The Bruce Clay Blog: SEO News and Digital Marketing

bruceclay seo blog

Hailing from the Simi Valley in California, the Bruce Clay Blog is one of the latest offerings from Bruce Clay Incorporated, a leading search engine marketing company that evolved in 1996. They have an excellent focus on providing SEO services of a professional standard, and the blog—which places emphasis on SEO news, informative how-to articles, and analysis—is a testament to their mission.

One of their top-featured articles deals with search agencies, focusing on the process of onboarding to a new agency. It’s a niche trend in SEO that many other blogs tend to overlook, but Bruce Clay Inc. has provided a definitive checklist that you’ll be sure to want to keep on-hand if you find yourself signing up for a search agency—whether it’s your first time doing so or not.

With Google taking the lead as a search engine and as a company that consistently pushes the limits with technological advancements, you’ll be sure to want to keep your business up to date. Your site will benefit from heeding the advice given by the company, and Paula Allen’s informative article on Google I/O is sure to get you going in the right direction.

Thanks to a host of other features, such as web design tips, social media integration guides, and tutorial articles on developing your site content in an SEO friendly manner, the Bruce Clay Blog is a sure winner.

22 - Alex Chris’ SEO Blog

reliablesoft seo blog

Alex Chris isn’t as well-known as Neil Patel and Brian Dean, but you’d be making a mistake if you decide to overlook his SEO blog.

This blog is one of the best online platforms to brush up on SEO strategies targeted at increasing your website’s search engine visibility for the three big names: Google, Bing, and Yahoo. takes it a step further by incorporating real examples on how these strategies are working for other sites, supplementing their black hat SEO tips. (For anyone who doesn’t know, black hat SEO refers to aggressive marketing and search engine optimization techniques that focus on the search engines rather than the human audience. It’s much debated whether it’s a safe option, but claims to offer strategies that cut out the risk factor almost entirely.)

The blog starts right off the bat with an article geared toward introducing beginners to eCommerce related SEO. They follow this up with a very insightful look at how some backlinks (which is a much-promoted SEO method) can be bad for you, showing you how to identify these rotten apples and safely dispose of them.

While we do question some of the black hat SEO practices promoted on the blog (especially considering Google’s crackdown on such activities), most of them seem relatively sound—as promised! Subscribing to also makes several quality SEO eBooks available, including a guide on the most effective means of generating traffic, and tips on how to start using WordPress (both of which are free of charge).

23 - Gotch SEO

gotchseo seo blog

Nathan Gotch offers some sound SEO advice on his informative blog, which enjoys regular updates to the articles he posts. There's a lot on offer, and what is available is certainly well structured and thoroughly researched beforehand.

The backlinks featured article is a fantastic example, with a full guide on what backlinks are exactly and what their function in SEO is. You’ll find out how to identify quality backlinks by following five simple rules, which backlinks to avoid, the differences between power and grey backlinks, and how to find free backlinks. Let’s be honest—you’ll be incredibly hard-pressed to find so much information in one easy-to-read article. Gotch even throws in a link to an exclusive list of over a thousand free link prospectives when you sign up, which is quite generous—finding these links takes a lot of time when you go about it the hard way.

You’ve probably stumbled across the term “anchor text” at some point, and tried to figure out what it is and how you should optimize it in your site build-up to improve your SEO ranking. Look no further, because Gotch offers yet another stellar guide that defines ten different anchor text types, and shows you how to pull tricks like co-occurrence to build your relevancy rating without creating duplicate anchors.

With a decent online SEO course well worth taking part in ( free of charge), the Gotch SEO blog is worth signing up. You’ll find yourself referring to its resources quite often when developing and restructuring your site.

24 - Builtvisible SEO Blog

builtvisible seo blog

“Practical, actionable insight.” The tagline immediately grabs your attention when you visit the Builtvisibile SEO blog, and to be perfectly honest—it’s a suitable option.

With a host of easy to read articles by various contributors (including Will Nye, Amy Wilson, and Tom Bennet) that won’t take more than ten minutes to read tops, Builtvisibile indeed does offer quality content.

You’d be surprised to learn that a controlled decline in your traffic statistics and analysis reports can be a good thing in the long run. It’s true though—as long as you know why it’s happening and has some measure of control over the drop, it can help you to remove distracting content that is generating a lot of headline views without creating significant traffic. After all—and this is a little-known secret we’re giving you the heads up on (thanks to Builtvisible)—the headline traffic statistics can obscure your site’s real success. So it’s not a decline at all—it’s discovering your real rank.

Organic digital marketing isn’t something most site owners think about, or even know exists. After all, we’re surrounded by generated marketing ads on a constant basis, both online and offline. It’s easy to forget that sometimes the best way to promote yourself is to take a step back and not try so hard—let your site talk for itself a little.

These are just two of many examples illustrating how Builtvisible thinks out of the box. You shouldn’t hesitate to hit that subscribe button!

25 - MySiteAuditor Blog: For SEO and Web Design Professionals

mysiteauditor seo blog

Last (but not necessarily least) on our list of the top 25 Best SEO Blogs is MySiteAuditor. Designed and updated by professionals working in SEO, digital marketing, and web design, it’s a leading website audit tool and resource based in Chicago.

Some of the tools they provide are free contract templates for freelancers and agencies specializing in SEO and web design respectively. And to help you along the way with creating a website for someone, there’s even a free client questionnaire.

But we get what you’re asking: why the title MySiteAuditor? Well, that’s because the blog is a spin-off of the SEO site auditing tool. And in case you’re wondering why you should consider such a feature, take a look at this article detailing how a website audit can help improve not only your site traffic and SEO ranking but your business income as a result.

Whether you’re an SEO expert or not (and let’s face it—MySiteAuditor’s blog is geared mostly toward the experts), you’ll certainly benefit from their 10 title tag tips. And no matter what your function is—as a site owner, site manager, or the guy in charge of producing content—you’ll appreciate their take on image optimization for SEO.

If you are an SEO or web design expert, you’ll also have the opportunity to broadcast your knowledge by contributing articles—guest writers almost entirely update the MySiteAuditor blog. It’s a nice touch and makes subscription an attractive option.


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