Higher Education Websites and Mandatory 508 Compliance

Higher Education Websites

Section 508 refers to a portion of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 that requires all government agencies and federally funded programs to make web compatibility accommodations for those with disabilities. Modern technology paired with a higher demand for education and the availability of special learning tools has made it more possible than ever before for those with a disability to receive an education. With a compliant Section 508 site, these students and parents can learn about your school in the same fashion that others do while making their college decisions.

College Is Hard Enough!

It’s no secret that students are expected to step their level of commitment to their education when they enter college. While it’s a major life change, the education that they receive at your university will shape their career and the rest of their lives. A website that’s in line with the Section 508 guidelines ensures that they aren’t struggling with the little things. Many of us aren’t in need of special accommodations for the web, and it can be easy to take this for granted. Something as simple as finding and filling out your school’s application online could be something out of reach for a person in need of assistance. With government and private companies offering incentives for student loans, parents are finding themselves more involved in the process, and could need accommodations as well.

Compliance Laws and Your University

Private sector companies and educational institutes are not required to follow suit with Section 508. Although, almost 20% of Americans have a disability and benefit from the aid that Section 508 provides. Because of this, many universities and general private sector companies take the initiative to make their site compatible. Your school works hard to craft programs and hire the best of the best within education. Students who don’t have the chance to take advantage of your curriculum are at a disadvantage and are forced to settle for an education that’s potentially subpar.

Nowadays, colleges are competing to get premier students enrolled to their schools. With so many schools to choose from, students can consider more than just their major. Social programs, campus grounds, and school connections are all thrown into the mix. Complying with Section 508 standards will help you to reach the full student market and rank better with search engines.

Start Today!

We offer premier Section 508 testing services and are proud to assist schools, government agencies, and nonprofits with their compatibility concerns. Enjoy the easy to read reports and the ability to get right to work on fixing what matters for Section 508 compliance. Have a question about our services? We’re happy to help!


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