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The User Experience Blog for Website Architecture Planning

How to create a content strategy using DYNO Mapper November 5, 2014 by Super User

Let DYNO Mapper do the heavy lifting

How to create a content strategy using DYNO Mapper

A content strategy is not a content audit or inventory, but it is the first step in gathering the information necessary to perform a winning content strategy. You must first inventory your existing content. The next step would be to analyze your content using any data available (Google Analytics). After analyzing your content, you can draw conclusions and plan a strategy based on those conclusions.

Step 1. Content Inventory

The content strategy process is a complicated one. One of the most intensive steps is the process is a detailed content audit. You need a detailed content audit to first realize the full scope of your project. DYNO Mapper simplifies this first step by gathering a list of all the items in your website by crawling your url or importing an XML sitemap file. DYNO Mapper returns a full list of all items contained in your website including the number of content levels, subdomains, pages, links, bad links, and site errors. DYNO Mapper will also group pages together based on URL group associations. Don’t worry if some of your pages do not have a parent. DYNO Mapper will create a parent bucket for items that do not hat a parent to save you time organizing your content.

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Take the pain away from your next website build September 15, 2014 by Super User

Dyno Mapper - Visual Sitemap Generator & Website Content Analysis Software

Take the pain away from your next website build

So your team is about to start a new website redesign project and you have been tasked with the discovery and planning phase.  You need to assess the existing architecture of your clients website and your new client has limited knowledge on what’s contained in their website inventory. The story is always the same isn’t it. A company builds a website and after years of updates to their website architecture, the site becomes very unorganized and impossible to decipher. Your client has no idea how many pages, images, links, and exactly how many errors, missing files, and bad links have compromised their once pristine website build.

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