Google Sitemaps Facts You Must Know

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Google Sitemaps

The number of websites in the world has surpassed 1 billion. This translates to 1 website for every seven people. This has resulted in competition for rankings in SERPs because every website owner wants to be found. Your site’s visibility first depends on the content, which then has to be crawled. This is a bit tricky if you have so many pages full of information, which makes it difficult for Googlebot spider to detect what should be indexed on your site. It is for this reason that Google sitemaps were introduced, which are basically text files with lists of web addresses of all the pages contained on your website.

Sitemap Significance

It is rather difficult for Googlebot spiders to sift through tons of web pages, check each link and search for links to other pages on your site. It is not only time consuming, but is also prone to inaccuracies. This problem is easily fixed with the use of XML sitemaps that simplifies the process because the search engines’ crawlers will be directed to where the content is plus all relevant information. It is also ideal for pages that are not properly linked or actually not linked at all. You can create sitemap with the aid of any of the available website sitemap generators.

Is Indexing Guaranteed With XML Sitemaps?

Well, there is actually no guarantee that all the pages specified in your XML sitemap will be indexed. However, in as much as you don’t have a 100% likelihood that your pages will be indexed, you can rest easy knowing that the possibilities of indexing are higher because they will be crawled sooner unlike when there is no sitemap. There are only benefits for creating a sitemap because it enables search engines to best understand your site’s structure and properly schedule crawling. If you are using a website sitemap generator, this is much easier to accomplish.

Easy Sitemap Generation

In the past, webmasters were required to manually create a sitemap for their websites. This was, and is still is a rather tedious process that most people don’t have time for. Times have changed and it is now easy to create a sitemap. There are many websites offering this service, doing all the difficult work for you, Dynomapper is one of the most highly recommended website sitemap generators. Some sitemap makers update the sitemaps; you therefore don’t have to do it regularly-saving you time.

Are Sitemaps Important for SEO?

The answer is YES! Sitemaps not only ensure that your content is indexed, but also help users find the information they are searching for on your site with ease. With easily available information, and enhanced user experience, you stand a high chance of rising through the SERPs. It gets better; XML sitemaps will also display additional information about the website. Using this information can help you improve on your content and improve your users’ experience for rank better.

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