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A premium visual sitemap generator capable of crawling up to 200,000 pages per crawl

Visual Sitemap Generator

A premium visual sitemap generator with features that make sitemap generation quick and easy for any user. Create interactive visual sitemaps that display content, inventory information, analytics data, and comment capability for efficient collaboration. The sitemap editor enables users to rework hierarchy, categorize pages, and assigned a work-flow status to each page to ensure nothing gets missed. Choose from 5 sitemap styles with the ability to customize the logo and color schemes displayed in each sitemap.




Google Analytics

Easily setup your sitemaps to display your Google Analytics metrics in each page of your sitemap. Sort and filter sitemap pages by the metrics, operators, and values to find which pages fit your criteria.


Subdirectory or Subdomain

Isolate or restrict subdirectories and subdomains of your website or application. Use our easy and flexible tools that enable you to create projects that are easily digestible.

Public or Private

Create sitemaps from public or private websites or online applications. Use basic authentication, cms authentication, or custom system login for custom authentication login forms.

HTML and JavaScript

It doesn't matter what your website or application is built with. Crawl HTML or JavaScript websites or applications using our advanced feature that enables JavaScript rendering.


Advanced Crawling Control

Control how your website is crawled using our advanced crawling settings that make adjustments to your crawl based on the uniqueness of your website or application code.


Import Content by XPath

It is easy to import content from any public website or application using XML Path Language. After you select the content for import, our system crawls, downloads, and cleans your HTML for display. (Organization & Enterprise)


Reorganize Hierarchy

After sitemap creation, rearrange the hierarchy of the pages in the sitemap that need adjustment by moving or reordering pages to change the parent-child relationships within your sitemap.


Categorize and Tag

Categorization of content is a critical step in site organization and planning the perfect website or application. Use our provided categories and tags or create custom categories and tags.


Workflow Managment

Using a workflow management system to manage the process of building a website or application can greatly improve the speed and efficiency while keeping team members accountable.  

Edit Metadata

The sitemap editor gives you a platform to plan and write the SEO metadata that appears on search engine results pages (SERP) when a website is listed during search engine queries.


Content Planning

Gather all of your content to one central place using content blocks of rich text, plain text, links, images, videos, and files with a seamless display within your sitemap. Assign pages to users and track their process using the workflow and content calendar.


Priority and Change Frequency

Give search engines the needed information about how to prioritize a URL relative to the other URLs on your site and how often your website or application is likely to change.  


Logo Branding

It is easy to customize each sitemap to match your company branding. On each sitemap page, just click on the DM icon in the right corner to upload your logo.


5 Interactive Styles

Choose from 5 interactive sitemap styles: default, tree, circle, folder, and thumbnail. Each style is unique and offers a different perspective for viewing your information architecture.  


Filter Sitemaps

Each sitemap can be filtered by analytics metrics, category, workflow status, tags, and HTTP status. Filtered sitemaps can be exported to PDF and CSV to save filtered results.

Sitemap Colors

Sitemap colors can be changed globally with ease to match your company branding and you also have the ability to change sitemap pages on an individual basis.


Maximum Levels

Globally change the maximum levels shown on each page using the max. level control. The max. level control can also be used when deciding how many levels to display each page of a PDF export.


Control Icons

Globally control what icons are displayed on each sitemap to customize your sitemap for your intended purpose. Control what functionality the sitemap viewer can see and use.


Export to PDF

Export each of the 5 sitemap styles to PDF for backup or use them as a communication vehicle with clients. Each PDF is interactive with working links that correspond to pages and sections.


Export to Excel

Share your sitemap information via spreadsheet using the export to CSV function. CSV files contain all crawled page data with the option to include content and comments for each page.


Export to URL

Share your interactive sitemap via a unique system URL that can be shared publicly or privately. Shared users have the ability to see all contents without the ability to edit or revise the sitemap.

Export to XML

Export your sitemap to SEO ready XML files that follow & Google's requirements and recommendations for XML files used for search engine optimization.


Image & Video Sitemaps

XML exports for image & video sitemaps follow & Google's requirements and recommendations for XML files used for search engine optimization.


Export to Vector

Exporting to vector format can be a great option if you intend to use your sitemap in editing programs like Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop.

Dynomapper is my go-to SEO tool for crawling websites and performing accessibility testing. I could not live without this software, as it is vital resource in helping me better manage SEO projects and website migrations. I use Dynomapper during the sales process, within website migrations themselves, and in post go-live technical audits. It has been an invaluable software package for me and one that I encourage my clients and SEO students to utilize.
Rebecca Gill
Vice President of Digital Marketing Services, emagine
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