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The User Experience Blog for Website Architecture Planning

Why You should be using a Google News Sitemap June 21, 2016 by Garenne Bigby

google news sitemaps

As a whole, Google News works to promote online journalism, and allow users to be exposed to many diverse perspectives. In this process, there are no humans that are choosing which stories receive top placements and which ones will be declined placement at all. The factors that determine where an article will rank on Google News are: the diversity of content, the originality of the content, rich textual content, and how fresh the content is. Additionally, there are technical factors that may affect the ranking of an article in Google News. These factors are: other relevant sites that link to your article, as well as accurate and descriptive title and alternate tags in the code for the news articles.

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What Are Sitemap Extensions And How To Use Them? June 20, 2016 by Garenne Bigby

sitemap extensions

Extensions for sitemaps are an added syntax for certain media types that are contained within a sitemap. These media types would be images, videos, and other hard to break down content that is contained within the site, and the extensions are used to improve its indexing. A byproduct of the improved indexing, the sitemap extensions will provide information from tags on the elements to aid in making the website more accessible. In short, the extensions are used for content that is not just simply words or text in a default language.

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Multilingual and Multinational Sitemaps for SEO June 16, 2016 by Garenne Bigby

Multilingual and Multinational Sitemaps

Quite a few years ago Google announced the availability of annotations for websites that would target users in other languages as well as users that were physically in other countries. These invitations are representative of a conglomerate of quibbling pages that are aimed at users around the world. They were also implemented by using rel-alternate-hreflang linking elements in the HTML code of each page contained in the cluster. There is also support for specifying these hreflang annotations within the site map.

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Prototype Tool

Prototyping websites and mobile applications is a step in the design process that will pay off quickly. Depending on how complex the website is and how skilled the user is, there is a prototyping tool for anyone. The benefits of prototyping can be seen with the natural feeling of the website or app, as users will feel the intuitive flow. App designers, programmers, and web developers all benefit from the process of prototyping, which is why the practice is becoming more and more popular for creating and improving websites and mobile applications. Recently, the number of tools available for prototyping has absolutely exploded, saturating the market with prototyping programs.

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It's 2018 and SEO is dead. Again June 9, 2016 by Garenne Bigby

death of SEO

Critics of search engine optimization (SEO) say that if it is not dead now, it will be dead soon. This is simply not the case. The current circulation of information says that search engines are shifting away from traditional SEO, in order to focus on higher quality content. There is no shift away from traditional SEO; it will need to work side by side with good quality content from now on to compete for higher rankings in search engine results. All of this simply means that quality of the content, rather than solely the little details that aid in bad content, will aid in ranking better in search engine results. Those that believe the naysayers are wrong trust that high-quality content is important, but not more important than proper SEO, and that the two must work cohesively to provide quality content that will rank high.

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