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The User Experience Blog for Website Architecture Planning

Why Conducting a Content Audit Matters for SEO August 10, 2016 by Garenne Bigby

content audits for SEO

Performing a content audit for SEO on your website does not have to be the hard. Although it has not always been easy, it is vital that it gets done, so that your website and its content can receive the attention that is deserves. Whether or not you agree that content rules when it comes to website success, many others agree that it is one of the most important things to do correctly, so auditing your content is something that must be done. For those that are not familiar with a content audit, this is the process by which you will go through all of the content contained on your website and then determine its relevance and success. You will gather pieces of data about each individual piece of content and then you will analyze the data to conclude which content should be updated, what should be built on, promoted again, or what should even be deleted permanently.

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5 Content Inventory Tips for a Successful Website July 27, 2016 by Garenne Bigby

5 tips for content inventory

It is highly likely that your business is facing a challenge with content. It could be a layout that hides important information, or a navigation arrangement that does not support customer services or purchases. Useful content may be buried too soon after it is posted before you are able to maximize its true potential. Or, less successful content does not become archived quick enough and ends up irrelevant to the audience but stays prominent on the website. These types of content problems are not only hard on you personally, but they become hard on your brand financially. Choosing to complete a content inventory is vital as a preliminary step to take control of the existing burden of current content, and will allow your brand to implement a content strategy that is influential.

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How to Use Keyword Research to Win at SEO July 21, 2016 by Garenne Bigby

keywords research seo

Ever increasing in modern times, effective keyword research is an important skill for those embarking on digital marketing. Not only must these individuals know how to develop a good list of keywords for SEO and PPC (pay-per-clicks), but content marketers that are smart will use keyword research to discover what topics they should be writing about and what phrases they should be putting to use while writing. By the time you have landed here you already know just how important it is to do research on keywords. But how can it be done in the most effective way? There are so many research guides for keywords available on the internet and they will all tell you the three main things that you'll need to do:

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higher educational institutions

The topic of website accessibility is complicated and evolving. Many businesses have been caught off guard because of the Department of Justice's dynamic positions on the issue and delayed regulations. Because of this, the attorneys of the plaintiffs are making their money on the uncertainty. There has been an influx of lawsuits and demand letters regarding public accommodations and inaccessible websites. As have been done with Title III lawsuits, all web accessibility lawsuits are being tracked and logged to spot the trends in lawsuits.

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10 of the Most Important Google Analytics Metrics to Track

When you are a brand that has a website with useful content or unique products, your website is destined to attract an audience. Even so, you must be able to hold and convert the potential customers into loyal customers. This all depends on how you choose to optimize and use these metrics so that they best fit your brand and website. There are so many different ways that a website can increase their rates of retention and conversion, but prior to taking on the endeavor you must figure out which specific metrics it is that you are trying to improve for your brand. Use this as a guide to help you determine which metrics are the most important to track. You will find most of these metrics in the Audience section within the dashboard of Google Analytics, along with other metrics that aid you in tracking your website traffic. When you proceed armed with this knowledge, there will be nothing stopping you from growing your website in the way that is best for your brand.

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