Why You Need to Create a Sitemap for Your Website

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Why You Need to Create a Sitemap for Your Website

Designing and hosting an amazing website and writing superior quality content is one thing, but having them indexed by search engines is a whole different ball game. There are currently over a billion websites on the web that have to be indexed, and sometimes it takes a long time to be visited by the search engines’ bots. Furthermore, when a site has hundreds and even thousands of pages, it becomes even more important for web-masters to track a website’s content, but you can do that with a content inventory tool.

It will be sheer waste of time and effort after you have invested hours, days and weeks on making your site’s design amazing either by your own experience or by employing the service of a professional web designer at an exorbitant rate then you take the next bold step to write quality content but fail to have the content crawled and therefore unavailable in the search engines. You can either sit, wait for weeks and even months for this to happen or take action; create a sitemap. Every webmaster hungers for higher ranks in the search engines and any delay on your part can be dangerous. By creating a sitemap, the indexing process can now be sped up, enhancing your visitors’ regular visits and broaden your reach. Creating a sitemap is now easy because you can use a sitemap maker like the DYNO Mapper. The tool is easy to use and pretty fast, highly recommended for both the tech-savvy and those who don’t know much about anything about coding.

What is a sitemap?

A sitemap is a page that contains links to various pages of your site which search engines and your visitors to access your site’s content. As a list of your website pages, it functions as your website’s table of contents. As you create a sitemap and also submit it to various search engines like Bing, Yahoo or Google, they follow the provided paths to get the needed information, and index the pages making them available in the search engines’ queries. Sitemaps are recommended for:

  • New websites with few or no links
  • Websites with lots of quality contents
  • Websites with quality contents that are not linked
  • Web pages that are not easily discoverable by Googlebots especially those having Ajax or flash

Sitemaps are also recommended because they avail crucial data about your pages to search engines like Google. This extra information can be used to enable you to improve on different areas of your website such as the last date of page modification, how frequent the site is updated, traffic sources, keywords, among others.

Use the extra information to improve your site’s performance and so that you can get the best from your website. This gives websites with sitemaps an edge over others. Even though using a sitemap maker to create sitemaps may not guarantee inclusion in Google index, there are very many other benefits you can reap from this basic effortless action.

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