Website Architecture Planning | Create Sitemaps

Website Architecture Planning | Create Sitemaps

The Importance of Sitemaps April 24, 2016 by Garenne Bigby

importance of sitemaps

To some, sitemaps might seem like a needless chore, and others, a sitemap is pretty much an essential for any website. The latter of the two would be correct. Having a sitemap that is constructed with a clear goal in mind could be the driving factor to a website's success. It will provide a vital link between a website and search engine that nurtures the relationship that is vital to the website's prosperity. A well-structured sitemap will make a website searchable by all search engines, and will provide users with more accurate search results when they are looking for keywords or key terms that are associated with a website. These website site crawlers used by search engines depend on sitemaps to point them in the direction of the correct website that a user is searching for.

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Sitemaps with Google Analytics Integration October 15, 2015 by Super User

Sitemaps with Google Analytics Integration

Regardless of whether you’re a medical office, large e-commerce website or local small to medium sized business, both HTML and XML sitemaps are imperative to the absolute success of your website. In many ways, a sitemap is like a treasure map, a list of pages that can take many forms such as machine-readable XML, an HTML listing of pages names, a list of all of the page URL’s and so on.

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Creating the Perfect Sitemap September 17, 2015 by Super User

Creating the Perfect Sitemap

Creating the perfect sitemap can make a world of difference when it comes to the success of any website. At the same time, however, creating a sitemap can either be very easy or quite complex (and time consuming) depending on the website. A larger, more complex site with hundreds or thousands of pages, for instance, will be much more time consuming when it comes to creating a sitemap than a smaller one.

It can take hours. Hours that most people don’t have because there are more important things to focus on such as creating rock solid content, promoting your business or website, and so on. But at the same time, part of your success is having a website that is fully optimized for search engines and stellar when it comes to the user-experience.

Right? Well, the good thing is that a sitemap generator can cut the time down it takes to create the perfect sitemap considerably. In most cases, a sitemap generator is completely automated as well.  

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Why You Need to Create a Sitemap for Your Website

Designing and hosting an amazing website and writing superior quality content is one thing, but having them indexed by search engines is a whole different ball game. There are currently over a billion websites on the web that have to be indexed, and sometimes it takes a long time to be visited by the search engines’ bots. Furthermore, when a site has hundreds and even thousands of pages, it becomes even more important for web-masters to track a website’s content, but you can do that with a content inventory tool.

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XML Sitemaps Vs. HTML Sitemaps June 8, 2015 by Super User

XML Sitemaps Vs. HTML Sitemaps

In-depth knowledge of HTML and XML Sitemaps with other technical terms has for a long time been reserved for website developers and administrators. This is no longer because currently, it is imperative for every webmaster to master HTML and XML if you are to realize a website’s maximum potential. You can createa sitemap using a myriad of online tools like DYNO Mapper, an effective website sitemapgenerator even if you are not technologically endowed.

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