Website Architecture Planning | UX

Website Architecture Planning | UX

Information Architecture Conferences to Attend February 17, 2017 by Garenne Bigby

information architecture conferences

These days there are conferences and conventions dedicated to everything: TV shows, movie genres, pets, and even information architecture. While the information architecture and user experience conferences might not have been getting the recognition that they deserve, they are becoming more and more important for the success of technology experts. They are held all over the world at different times of the year, and some are even available to stream online if you can't make it in person. Those who attend will be able to take part in presentations, Q & A panels, and networking lunches to pick the brains of experts in the field.

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5 Tips for Creating an Exceptional Website February 14, 2017 by Garenne Bigby

5 tips for creating a great website

Creating a successful website is more than just gathering information and publishing it onto the internet. It is about curating content that is high quality so that it is valuable to your readers, and providing a good experience for the audience. There are some clear do's and don'ts for creating a website, but a great website will be thoughtfully created from the ground up. The main thing to remember is that a great website is created with the audience in mind, and won't turn dirty tricks just to rank well in search results.

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How to Wireframe a Responsive Website Design February 1, 2017 by Garenne Bigby

responsive web design

The wireframe of a website is essentially the skeleton of a web page that is assembled using basic shapes, lines, colors, and styles. The point of a wireframe is to focus on making a layout conducive to the content placement while, figuring out functionality and navigation problems in a format that can be adjusted easily. When planning a design for a responsive website, it is not possible to think of the wireframe from the perspective of a desktop, but changing the way that these layouts are constructed and regarded does come with its own challenges. For years designers have made wireframes fit for computer screens. When making wireframes for mobile devices first, this helps webmasters to prioritize elements on the website when it will be shown on a smaller screen.

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16 Usability Testing Tools for Optimizing User Experience

Usability testing tools are vital to a website's success. The user experience relies heavily on user testing, as it helps developers to understand how users interact with the design. In turn, it helps to make the best user experience possible, and aid users in completing their task, increasing conversions overall. Running one's own user testing will include finding and employing a target audience, because of this setting up the necessary hardware can be time-consuming and expensive.

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550 Content Marketing Terms That You Should Know January 2, 2017 by Garenne Bigby

marketing terminology

Marketing your business is a necessity when it comes to long-term growth and vitality. Marketing encompasses all types of media, ranging from social media to email and blogging. Understanding the terms surrounding content marketing is a must. We have compiled a list of marketing terms you need to know from A to Z. 

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