Finding the Right Sitemap Generator: Factors to Consider

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Finding the Right Sitemap Generator: Factors to Consider

Google’s adoption and official launch of sitemaps way back in 2005 is all web developers and software engineers needed to come up with simplified ways of creating, submitting and managing sitemaps. As a result, the web is currently filled with quite a few sitemap generators and things are not likely to slow down. You can now install plugins on your Wordpress blog that will handle everything related to sitemaps. It is actually a necessity for all website owners that cannot be ignored. A simple Google search will bring forth hundreds of results and as always, everyone claims to be the best unless you are suffering from some esteem issues.

As you seek to create a sitemap for your website using one of the many sitemap makers or plugins, there are some very important factors you have to bear in mind. Discussed below are a few;

Website Size

Most sitemap generators offer varied plans designed for different websites and blogs. These plans come with advanced features such as auto-updates, content inventories and such. If you have a large, frequently updated website, you definitely have to get the most comprehensive sitemap generator that will effectively meet all your needs. According to the sitemap protocol, an ideal sitemap shouldn’t contain links exceeding 50,000 or 10MBs. Some developers bear this in mind when allocating plans because some will only allow you to create a single sitemap, but there are instances when you definitely will require much more than one sitemap. In fact, multiple sitemaps are highly recommended for sites with thousands of pages.

Sitemap Tool Vs. Plugin

You can either go for a website mapping tool or install a plugin. Each of these options has its own advantages and disadvantages. With a sitemap generator, you don’t have to install anything on the website. All that is required is for you to copy and paste your site’s URL and let the tool take care of the rest. On the other hand, plugins have to be installed on the website, which is based on some compatibility issues with the site’s CMS such as Wordpress. Weigh between the two and make a decision based on your convenience factor.

Free Vs. Premium

There are quite a number of free sitemap generators on the web that you can use at no cost. On the other hand, you will be required to purchase either a one-off plan or make monthly or periodical payments. Free things appeal to most people, but the main shortcoming is that, the developers have to generate some revenue in one way or the other. Most free tools are cluttered with adverts, which some people find irritating. You definitely don’t want a sitemap with message such as “this sitemap was created by…

Finally, number of pages to include in a single sitemap is also a very important consideration. The standard maximum number of links per sitemap is currently pegged at 50,000. Some sitemap tools, especially free ones may only allow way below this number, compelling you to purchase a plan. Also, how many formats are supported by the sitemap tool? If you need the best from a sitemap, take time and consult widely to get the best value for your money. 

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