Website Architecture Planning | Content Audit

Website Architecture Planning | Content Audit

10 Benefits of a Website Content Audit April 9, 2016 by Garenne Bigby

Website Content Audit Benefits

Having a content audit performed on a website or brand is one of the most important things that can be done to develop a strong website and marketing strategy. This is essentially taking the time to fine-tune your website and addressing the issues that will improve its performance. This can be done on your own or by an online marketing company that would use specific content audit tools to find out how to improve the content and information provided on your website.

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Analytics and Content Audits November 23, 2015 by Garenne Bigby

Analytics and Content Audits

In previous articles we’ve talked about content marketing and auditing tools, DYNO Mapper’s Google analytics integration features and how sitemap tools can make your life much easier. We are going to take things a bit further in this article and talk about how analytics and content audits go hand in hand. Most people don’t realize that they can use analytics for content auditing purposes, but by utilizing your analytics data you will have the ability to rise to the top with fantastic content for search engines and visitors.

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Importance of Content Audits for Content Marketing Success

For years now content has been king of the marketing game. After all, rock solid content is what keeps your visitors on the page and wanting more, right? Great content is what makes visitors turn into conversions, with a little help from search engine optimization, and both XML and HTML sitemaps. But writing really good content that converts takes time, a lot of energy and research, doesn’t it?

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Content Audits for SEO September 29, 2015 by Super User

Content Audits for SEO

As you probably already know, [optimized] website content and search engine optimization go hand-in-hand. There are a variety of tactics that website owners can use to ensure that the content on their website is top notch and doing its job. SEO optimized content is all about directing search engine traffic to your website—users who are looking for what you’re offering. The hope is that once those visitors get to your website and browse through your pages that they will love what you have to offer and convert into a sale.

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DYNO Mapper’s Content Audit for Website Success

A content audit is imperative to the success of your website, especially when you realize that your organic search traffic has been going flat or that the ranking of your keywords in vital search terms haven’t been cutting it. In essence, a content audit is an assessment that examines the web content assets of your company for SEO value, relevance, messaging and quality. Not only that, by using a content audit tool and sitemap generator like DYNO Mapper users will be able to make sure their meta descriptions and their lengths are on point, thanks to the tool’s highlight feature.

Taking a comprehensive approach towards examining the nature of your website’s content goes a long way in enhancing your website for significantly better results. An audit can be time-consuming and boring, especially because you are not spending your time on content creation and promotion. However, when completed appropriately, it can be very effective in revolutionizing your online presence.

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