What’s new with DYNO Mapper ® v5.0

What’s new with DYNO Mapper ® v5.0

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We are so excited and proud to announce the release of DYNO Mapper® v5.0.

DM version 5 870

1) UX / UI Redesign

Our #1 goal for the new version of DM was a complete redesign from the ground up of our UI (User Interface) for an improved UX (User Experience). We love the new design, and we hope you do too.

DM v5 Redesign

2) V.A.C.Q. Score®

vacq score dynomapper

V.A.C.Q. Score® is our benchmark score that lets you measure the overall health and quality of a website, document, or application's online presence. The benchmark score is now available for projects that utilize our crawler and have tested for accessibility and enabled keyword tracking for visibility.


3) Project Dashboard

Each project now has a project Dashboard where you will be able to see a project V.A.C.Q. Score®, Visibility Score, Accessibility Score, Content Quality Score, Inventory Totals, Recent Assignments, and Recent Comments.


4) Control Crawler Speed

You can now control the crawling speed for each crawl using the advanced option SPEED. In addition, you can choose between our default speed, slower and slowest.


5) PDF Accessibility Testing

Dyno Mapper will now check PDF accessibility to see whether a PDF document is accessible (readable) to everyone, including people with visual disabilities.


6) Accessibility Archive Notes

Each time you manually archive an error or group of errors, you now have the option to document the reason that you archived an error in note form.


7) Content Search by XPath

If you utilize our Content by XPath feature, you can import content automatically from a public website or application. Use this prefix :content when searching. Ex. :content Syndication feed - will search for keyword "Syndication feed" in contents imported by XPath.


8) New Plan: Starter

We have published an affordable new plan for users interested in creating sitemaps and planning content for their website. This plan also includes our Content Import by XPath.

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