What’s new with DYNO Mapper ® v4.0

What’s new with DYNO Mapper ® v4.0

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We have been rolling out v4.0 features over the last few weeks, and here is a summary of what's now live for users.

**Please note that we have a scheduled price increase for all plans starting in 2020. Upgrade to annual before the new year to secure your pricing for an additional year and get two months free by going annual - more info coming soon.

What’s new with DYNO Mapper ® v4.0

New Crawler & Features

We have rebuilt our crawler from the ground up, and it is 400% faster and 100% more accurate. In addition to the new speed that we offer, we now provide you with extensive page by page data, which is now available in your visual sitemaps, content inventories, and content audits. You will also have the ability to scrape content from public pages using our long-awaited Include / Exclude Content by XPath.

Hreflang Support

hreflang support

Our crawler, editor, and xml exports now support hreflang. If you have multiple versions of a page for different languages or regions, you can now tell Google about these different variations using DYNO Mapper. Using this feature will help Google Search point users to the appropriate version of your page by Language or region.


Content Import by XPath

(Organization & Enterprise Plans)

Organization and Enterprise users now have access to our Content Import by XPath feature. Add the XPath of the element(s) that you would like imported, and your content will be imported into our content planning tools during your crawl.


Language Filter

(Sitemaps, Content Inventory)

filter by language

You can now sort and filter your Sitemap visualizations using our Language filter. This filter also works with your Sitemap Exports. The Language filter is also available in your Content Inventory to sort and filter results for CSV export.


Discoverability Filter

(Sitemaps, Content Inventory, Content Audit) 

You can now soft and filter your Sitemap visualization using the Discoverability filter. Choose between Crawlable, Non-crawlable, Indexable, and Non-indexable pages. The Discoverability filter is also available in your Content Inventory to sort and filter results for CSV export. Your Content Audit will also report on Non-crawlable and Non-indexable pages.


Enhanced Crawl Data

We have enhanced our crawl data to report on the following in each page of your sitemap:

  • Modified Date
  • Total Children
  • Sitemap Depth
  • HTTP Status
  • Response Time
  • Document Type
  • Document Language
  • hreflang
  • Word Count
  • Indexable
  • Crawlable


Sitemap Exports (CSV) - Exclude Buckets

You can now exclude our system-generated buckets for CSV export. This feature is useful when creating exports for CMS migrations or new website builds.


Content Audit

(Content Quality Score, Crawlability, Indexability)

content audit score

Each new crawl will contain a Content Quality Score in the Content Audit section of our application. Our Content Quality Score provides a benchmark that measures the overall project quality.
Quickly export issues with crawlability and indexability so you can resolve any potential problems a search engine might have with indexing the pages of your project.


Keyword Tracking

(Visibility Score, Average Positions, Position Summary)

keyword visibility score

Each project that you are tracking keywords for will contain a Visibility Score in the Keyword Tracking section of our application. The Visibility Score is an SEO performance metric that allows you to view an accurate measurement of the overall visibility in Google on a group of keywords within a project. You will also be able to see a breakdown of the number keyword positions moved within a time-frame and the average position of all your keywords within a project.



Accessibility Score, Guideline Filter, Enhanced Reporting

Accessibility Score Graph

Each Accessibility Test will contain an accessibility score, which is the average accessibility score across all pages tested. The Accessibility Score is a benchmark so you can track your progress as you remediate your projects. We have also added a guideline filter so that you can isolate pages that have a particular error. Our PDF exports are now enhanced to show the Accessibility score, Guideline Summary, and an Impact summary that will show the total impact of an accessibility problem.


User Permissions

Our User Permissions interface has been upgraded to show a list of projects that are shared with each user for better project management.

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