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Dyno Mapper - Visual Sitemap Generator & Website Content Analysis Software

So your team is about to start a new website redesign project and you have been tasked with the discovery and planning phase.  You need to assess the existing architecture of your clients website and your new client has limited knowledge on what’s contained in their website inventory. The story is always the same isn’t it. A company builds a website and after years of updates to their website architecture, the site becomes very unorganized and impossible to decipher. Your client has no idea how many pages, images, links, and exactly how many errors, missing files, and bad links have compromised their once pristine website build.

DYNO Mapper is an awesome new service that takes the pain away from planning your next website build. How? It's simple. Just enter a URL and click “CREATE SITEMAP" then presto. DYNO Mapper will inventory your website and create an interactive visual site map that displays the website hierarchy and includes Google Analytics, Easy access to all your inventory Information, and Comment capability for efficient collaboration with decision makers.

Choose from 3 site map styles that can be easily edited, customized, and shared via email or popular social networking websites. The website Inventory can filter, search, and export lists for quick relief from content headaches. DYNO Mapper can streamline the discovery and planning phase of any size website project with affordable plans for Freelancers, Agencies, and Enterprise level users. Signup for Free Limited Trial Today, no credit card required.

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