Keyword Tracking with DYNO Mapper

Getting Started with Keyword Tracking

The tracking of a website's keywords in search engines has long been considered a worthy measurement of your website's performance and visibility online.

Alongside analytics, this data can be used to help shape a keyword strategy based on relevant keywords that are searched at a higher volume than others, thus improving your website performance and relevant traffic.

After creating a sitemap, DYNO Mapper will add any keywords used the in the meta data keyword section of your website code. You will need to Enable or Disable the keywords that you would like to start tracking in Google, Bing, and Yahoo on a daily basis. After a few days of tracking, turn your graphs on by clicking the Analytics Icon that is located on the first column.

You have the option of adding other keywords by typing in the keyword you'd like to track and clicking on the + icon. To add multiple keywords at once, click the Add multiple keyword button and center each into the Add Keywords pop-up.

Check your ranking on any particular day and change how many days will display in your line charts above and within your columns and rows.

Use the search box to search for long lists of relevant keywords.

The columns are sortable and will display the keyword, its current position in Google, Yahoo, and Bing, as well as its change in position in each search engine.

Your columns will also show keyword Volume and the average cost-per-click of that keyword.

You can delete keywords using the Trash icon or by selecting "Disable" to stop tracking a particular keyword.

Export via CSV or PDF style reports for communing performance with associates and clients.



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