Share, Download, and Export Sitemaps using the DYNO Mapper Sitemap Generator

Getting Started Sharing, Downloading, and Exporting Sitemaps

There are several options to share the sitemaps that you create with DYNO Mapper.

The first selection that we will review is the Share option. Every time you create a sitemap they are set to Private by default, making the sitemap only available to users who are logged in.

To Share your sitemap, you will first need to change your access settings to Public. After you have clicked "Public", you will see a unique URL for the sitemap that you are sharing. Use the icons below to share your sitemap on popular social networks or use the email icon to share a sitemap location via email. Add the email address of the recipient and customize your message, then click Send Mail.

All of the source codes for the sitemaps you create can be downloaded by clicking the Download icon located above your sitemap or in your individual sitemap menu. Choose from XML, Text, Image, HTML, Sitemap Packages, and Video sitemaps.

Image and Video sitemaps are created automatically from the images and videos located on your website. Sitemap Packages will provide you with all of the source code, including JavaScript, to support the animation and interactivity of our sitemap styles.

If you would like a PDF or CSV export of your sitemap, click the Export Sitemap icon that's located on the top menu. You will need to name your sitemap before exporting. There is also an available option to display or hide the header with options for paper size and orientation. Click on the Exports Lists option to access previously exported sitemaps that have been saved by DYNO Mapper.

Create Interactive Visual Sitemaps

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