Customize Sitemaps using the DYNO Mapper Sitemap Generator

Getting Started Customizing Sitemaps

Customizing your sitemaps is easy using the tools located in the top bar above each sitemap. These customization tools are only available to users that are logged into your account; they are not available to recipients of your sitemap share.

If you would like to add a Logo of your company or client's company, click the DYNO Mapper icon in the top left corner. After clicking on the icon you can select an image from your computer and upload. Images must not exceed 1 Megabyte. DYNO Mapper is compatible with .jpg, .png, and .gif file extensions. It's best to use sizes 120x120 pixels thru 250x200 pixels for optimal results.

Click the Color icon to customize the colors of your sitemap. You can use the drop down menu to select from color presets or you can click on the individual color blocks to choose a custom color from the color wheel, or just enter the hexadecimal code of the color of your choice.

As of now, DYNO Mapper has four available styles to choose from and we do plan on adding more interactive visual sitemap styles in the near future. In the Style drop down, simply select the style of choice to change the style of the visual sitemap.

By default, DYNO Mapper will limit the number of levels shown to 3 levels using Max. Level. This helps performance and will limit the number of levels shown before DYNO Mapper creates a parent section. These sections can be opened by clicking the Down Arrow located at the bottom of each page. Click on the Top Arrow to get back to where you started from.

The Tools section is where users can customize which icons are displayed on the sitemap. If you would like your sitemaps to not contain a URL on each page, just change your Show URL button to "Off" and click "Apply". The same goes for each of the Sitemap Icons. Customize which icons you would like to share with your sitemaps by toggling their corresponding switches to "On" or "Off" and click "Apply".

Each sitemap has the ability to show a summary of a website's site-wide data for Inventory, Analytics and Comments, which we refer to as General Info. If you'd like the Info button to remain invisible you can change the Show Info switch to "Off". Each of the individual tabs in the General Information pop-up can also be turned "On" and "Off" using the provided switches located in the Tools section.

Select a date range for your connected analytics account by clicking on the Analytics icon in the top menu.

Once you've connected your analytics data successfully, you can Filter Analytics by choosing a Metric, Operator, and Value. It is easy to apply the 80 / 20 rule using this feature in order to quickly identify pages based on the data in your analytics account. It is critical that you have analytics integrated into your website or this feature will not work.

There are also features to Filter by Category, and Filter by Workflow Status.

The Workflow Status icon will show you a complete list of all of your pages. You will have the ability to search and filter your workflow status using this dropdown.

Experiment with these options to customize the display of your website architecture.

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