Create Sitemaps using the DYNO Mapper Sitemap Generator

Getting Started Creating Sitemaps

It is easy to get started creating sitemaps using the DYNO Mapper sitemap generator.

In the left side menu, just click Create from URL to create a website from any public facing website using any website address.

Enter the URL for the website you'd like to create a sitemap for. Don't forget to include the "http" or "https" at the beginning of your website address.

Click on Show Advanced Options to customize the crawler settings.

These settings are used to customize the crawler for the uniqueness of your website code. If you are interested in how each of these settings will affect your sitemap, click on the Tool Tip located next to each option in the advanced crawler settings.

You can use Website Authentication to include private front end pages within your sitemap for popular CMS systems. If your favorite CMS system cannot be found on the list, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to let us know what systems we should add to the list of CMS systems we support. We will consider adding any popular CMS system to our list. Try experimenting with these features as they can provide you with a great head start in creating the perfect sitemap.

After you are done adjusting your settings, click Start Crawling and DYNO Mapper will build your sitemap based on the information the crawler receives.

You can check the status of your sitemap by clicking on the Background Process icon, located in the top right corner of the sitemaps page. Click on it again to hide your background processes.

After you have created many sitemaps, you can use the Search and Sorting filters to find your sitemap quickly.

Depending on your preference, you can choose between the Grid or List view. You can also scroll through your long list of sitemaps by using the pagination at the bottom the screen.

After your sitemap build is finished, you will see a screenshot of the sitemap you crawled. Below the screenshot of each sitemap you will see the individual sitemap menu. If you click the Ellipse, you will see options to View, Edit, Share, Information about your website, Duplicate, Export Sitemaps to PDF and CSV, Download Sitemap Code, User Permissions, Refresh Sitemap, and Schedule Crawls.

After the sitemap generator has finished crawling your website, click on View Sitemap and a new window will open displaying your new sitemap.

Create Interactive Visual Sitemaps

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