University of Southern California


University of Southern California

The University of Southern California is a prominent private research university and an anchor institution within Los Angeles. LA is city that is known to be a global center for technology, arts, and international business. The university's diverse educational offerings allow for extensive opportunities for interdisciplinary studies and collaborations with leading researchers within highly advanced learning environments. The University of Southern California has ranked 15th among 1,061 public and private universities—an outstanding feat. The faculty is made up of 4,000 innovative researchers, scholars, teachers, and mentors – including five Nobel laureates and others who have received prestigious national honors like the Guggenheim award, the MacArthur Genius award, the National Medal of Science, and the Pulitzer Prize. The University of Southern California opened in 1880 with 53 students and 10 teachers in a city that had no paved streets or electric lights. Today, the university is home to about 44,000 students and 4,000 full-time faculty.

As for the city? It is now one of the most diverse and vibrant metropolis in the whole world. University of Southern California is a multi-cultural educational community whose diversity benefits all interactions and activities. USC aims to create an environment in which sexism, racism, ages him, homophobia, and xenophobia do not exist without being challenged. The university's code of ethics is an important part of their culture and its underlying principles are the foundation for the University of Southern California community. All faculty and students are expected to know and follow the university's policies to ensure a safe and welcoming environment.

Master of Management in Library & Information Science

The Master of Management in the Library and Information Science online course from the University of Southern California is the only library and information science degree within the nation to be offered through a top ranked business school. This particular program offers a number of advantages for students. It goes above and beyond what the typical library science program does in order to allow students to explore business operations and learn advanced leadership strategies. The curriculum is made up of vital facets of librarianship like research, foundations, database management, collection development, and information technologies. The curriculum will also present to students opportunities in which they can advance their management skills using teamwork, project management, and communication for leaders.

The Master of Management in Library and Information Science is made up of 5 fifteen-week semesters and can be completed in 20 months. The program is made up of management-based coursework that is designed to help shape the next generation of library leaders. Individuals that want to enter this program should have a great understanding of how the field has evolved over time and a philosophy of leadership that reflects these changes. This program is aligned with the mission of USC as a whole as well as the school of business, the program will educate professionals with an enterprise-wide perspective that will lead teams and organizations that will benefit their own communities and will deliver value. Libraries are breaking the mold as lively information centers that offer an interactive meeting place where staff and patrons communicate with the goal of improving their research experiences.

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