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The University of Wisconsin Flexible Option is designed for working adults that have some college credits or related on the job experience. It breaks free from the rigid semester schedules that can be hard for working adult professionals. Students are able to start any month and move at their own pace. Tests are taken whenever the students are ready, and they may use their current knowledge and prior experience to work toward their degree to help save them time and money. Traditional degree programs will require students to sit through lectures and labs in order to earn credit hours. University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee's Flexible Options format is competency-based and is focused on what the students know and what they are able to do. Students will make progress by completing projects and assessments that prove that they have learned and mastered the skills and knowledge that UW's industry leaders and faculty have identified as the most important parts that are essential to a degree or certificate. Students will get the support that they need from an academic success coach guiding them through every step of the way. The dedicated success coach will work with the student to understand their goals, to personalize their learning plans, and to direct them to the appropriate learning resources needed to succeed in their program. There are many degrees and certificate programs available with the UW Flexible Option, allowing students to finish in their own time frame, without the pressure of a traditional classroom. Flexible Option was made this these students in mind.

Information Science & Technology

A Bachelor of Science in Information Science and Technology from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee will allow students to learn how information is received, organized, changed, manipulated, and applied in almost every aspect of this culture and economy that is increasingly more digital seemingly by the hour. Students will be immersed in information science, information organization, applications of the Internet, and information architecture. The degree is offered by the University Of Wisconsin Milwaukee School Of Information Studies and is the only IST program of its kind within the state of Wisconsin. It focuses on the core set of IST competencies, and students are encouraged to broaden their knowledge and skills through a degree plan that they have personally created to match their own career goals. This University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Flexible Option for IST is designed for those who are self-motivated and nontraditional students that find their work skills, previous schooling, and prior knowledge vital to being applied toward their degree or certificate. The IST program consist of 120 total credits. They are distributed into five different areas: 12 credits in general education requirements, 27 credits in core competency, 15 credits in information studies upper division electives, 15 credits in information science technology cross functional electives, and 42 credits in general electives. Among these courses, students will have to complete a senior capstone project to be considered for graduation to prove that they will be able to apply their education to their new careers. Students are encouraged to contact the college to see if the Flexible Option IST is right for them.

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