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South University

The goal of South University is to provide an educational opportunity for those individuals that have made the decision to grow. Students who are determined will receive a comprehensive education that prepares them for not only professional success but personal success as well. South offers degree programs at all levels, along with general and specialized coursework required for the chosen field of the student. South University expects a standard of professionalism for all students as they are helped to identify their own goals and given the means to for fill them. South University is absolutely committed to the development of their students and provides an environment in which they can thrive. South prides itself on providing a very high standard of academics by helping to shape the character of those who attend. They hold a philosophy of lifelong learning that includes the continual personal growth of students with emphasis of the importance of volunteerism and community service. This private academic institution is dedicated to providing educational opportunities for the professional, intellectual, and social development of their diverse student population.

Students at South University will have varied academic experiences, as they will receive the academic acumen and realistic approach that is necessary to create the basis for professional and personal fulfillment. The comprehensive education that South provides aims to instill in its students a philosophy that values learning, professionalism, and contribution to the commitment to advance the community. The university believes that all qualified individuals should be awarded the privilege of formal academic training that fits their needs.


MS Information Systems

The Master of Science in Information Systems program at South University is conveniently offered through their online medium. It is built to focus on technology and to teach students how to manage information technology in the current and future age of information. This program prepares students to seek advancement in their career as well as leadership opportunities to make them competitive in the technology driven world. While students are enrolled in the Master of Science in Information Systems program, the classes will cover specific technology areas like modern software development methodologies, information systems and converged networks, governance, business intelligence, emerging technologies, and information security. The courses put emphasis on organizational communication, program management, and strategic thinking. This will help students to master the practices and principles that are required to successfully solve problems in the real world among the always changing digital realm.

This degree program can be completed in as little as 16 months and when the program is finished, students should be able to clearly communicate their understanding of methodologies used to assess, identify, and employment information systems; understand how information systems have an impact on business operations and decision making, and will demonstrate and ability to develop, design, analyze, and modify different information systems to meet specific business needs. The online degree option offer students flexible control to access their classes any time of day or night so that they can pursue their degree when it is most convenient for them. The faculty and staff is with students at every step toward their goals.

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