Online provides a platform for students and professionals to gain valuable knowledge about very specific areas of interest. The classes are structured so that students will have the convenience of self-study, but also have access to asking questions or receiving feedback from experts. All instructors provide quick email support, and will clarify concepts when in need. Professors will hand grade assignments and give students feedback on how to improve their work. This is because the only way that someone can use the skills that they learned here in their future workplace, they will need to practice that now. Students will complete quizzes and review postings but practical assignments allow vital practice. Some courses are instructor led and some are self-paced. The instructor led courses have optional chat sessions and teleconferences in order to brainstorm and share ideas. In all of the courses, students will get a copy of the course materials so that they can work offline if needed and then use the materials as a reference once they have finished the course. This platform for learning is a great option for those who need or simply want the convenience of choosing when to work on their courses. Busy professionals have many demands of daily life and find it difficult to dedicate time to scheduled course options. While it is quite flexible, the courses do provide a schedule for assignments and readings to keep students on track. Based on previous experience, having the schedule as a guideline will help students to be more successful in carrying out their studies.

Information Design Courses

Technical writing as a profession is always evolving, and these writers are faced with the task of learning new tools and new design concepts for many different types of information documents. Technical writers can take their skills to the next level and become information designers. Information designers are multi skilled professionals that analyze user requirements, design attractive documents, write meaningful content, and produce unique content for print and digital mediums. This information design program will prepare individuals for their career as an information designer are providing them with a foundation training in the basic information design disciplines of graphic design, writing, and human factor design. This unique program is quite flexible so that it meets the needs of many individuals continuing their education. When the program is taken part time, it may be completed at the pace of the individual over the course of 18 months. The standard full-time course schedule will allow individuals to complete the program and 12 months, or the accelerated program will allow the students to complete it in just 5 months. All students will complete the usability testing, graphic design, user interface design, user interface analysis, and professional technical writing courses as these are the core. E-learning course design, professional XML authoring, and online help system design are all optional courses but students must choose one.

The cost of the program will vary between $1579 and $1759, depending on the courses and electives that are taken. Each course is paid for as it is taken, and a certificate of completion is issued as the program is completed.

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