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Charles Sturt University is built upon a community that wholly embraces diversity while nurturing individual growth. The University values social, economic, and environmental sustainability and connects with the communities where it operates, providing excellence in its courses and opportunities that come from them. The university aims to provide an effective and accessible learning environment for all students regardless of their location or mode of study. It also works to strengthen the learning and teaching partnerships with the industry and professions. The University promotes, recognizes, and supports good practice in learning and teaching. In 2009 Charles Sturt University celebrated its 20th anniversary and has reflected on how far it has come as an institution. The first 15 years were seen as a period of amazing achievement that brought together two different yet successful institutions. Over the last several years, the university has focused on the consideration of that achievement and has realized their potential to serve a broad range of academics—creating the world's next industry leaders. CSU holds commitment to achieving excellence in education regarding professions and maintains its national leadership for flexibility and distance education. The university has grown thanks to a balance of strategic investment and financial prudence. It is a leading player within international research regarding theology, ethics, governance, food, security, water, education, agriculture, and environment. Charles Sturt University will never stop its own journey to explore new and innovative ways to advance discovery and learning. Diversity is welcomed and encouraged to contribute to the always growing student body that makes CSU a leader.

Quad 3, 102 Bennelong Pkwy, Sydney NSW 2127, Australia

Master of Information Studies

CSU's Master of Information Studies is a professional qualification that is industry accredited, offering students a broad range of options to gain qualifications for employment in the cultural, library, and information sectors. The normal program duration can be completed in three years while taking courses part time. It is strictly in the distance education format so that students anywhere may benefit. It is a highly regarded program that provides students with an in-depth understanding of knowledge and information management within a contemporary context. It provides A unique opportunity for students to explore firsthand some of Australia's best-known knowledge, collecting, and information institutions via an industry focus professional study visit. Professional study visits are held in various national and international locations through the school year to offer a unique insight to some of the top information organizations. Students will have the flexibility to choose subjects from a range of specializations that reflect the critical importance of knowledge management in diverse fields and institutions. For each course that is taken within the program, students can expect to spend between 140 and 160 hours engaged in assessment and learning activities regarding that course such as assigned readings, lectures, research and study, assignments, and exams.

To apply, students must have an undergraduate degree in any discipline, or they may have work experience or qualifications that are deemed equivalent by the university by authorities. In order to graduate, students are expected to complete 96 subject points, also called credit hours in the United States.

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