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The University of Canberra stands committed to providing a transforming educational experience that is accessible to everyone—regardless of what stage of life they are in and their background. This is one of the most important components for their strategic plan and a value to which they are absolutely committed. Their much valued predecessor, the Canberra College of Advanced Education worked to change many lives in the way that it focused on professional education at a time when the economic and political climate proved beneficial for many, especially those who were not traditionally expected to enter a higher education. The University of Canberra still has a precise professional focus to offer a strong commitment to work-integrated with learning. The education and research provided helps to build fair, prosperous, and sustainable communities to remedy disadvantage. The University of Canberra works to be a university that holds value to equity and diversity while seeking to embody certain values within its students, staff, academic programs, and relations with the community. More specifically, the University recognizes, encourages, and celebrate students from every section of society, promotes an environment rooted in fairness, equity, and respect for cultural and social diversity. It is supportive of students and staff to reach their full potential through promoting reasonable expectations and provisions of a learning environment that is inclusive, offers programs that aim to help overcome disadvantages for students and staff, and works to ensure that staff and students are aware of all of their own rights and responsibilities as a member of the university community.

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Master of Information Studies in Internet Communication (online)

The Master of Information Studies program online was created to provide a flexible way for students to gain the knowledge necessary to meet the challenging problems within this fast growing sector. Students will develop their skills in knowledge management, communication, and information to prepare them for careers not only and Australia but around the world. Upon completion of the program students will know how to manage and use digital information, understand how new technologies are able to benefit different organizations, and work with confidence in environments with complex information. Students will be able to develop a program of study that suits them while refining their communication skills that are extremely important in a professional workplace. They will also have the ability to work independently and form their own expert judgments. Students will be able to choose their focus of study from: library and recordkeeping environments, social research, organizational knowledge, and information organization and leadership.

Students may enter this program if they already have a 3 year undergraduate degree in a related discipline, a 3 year undergraduate degree plus a graduate certificate, a 3 year undergraduate degree plus a graduate diploma, or qualifications that are deemed the equivalent by the university. Students should be able to complete this program in 1 year, if courses are taken full time. Each semester, the student may take 4 courses to be considered full time, through the study pattern for individual students may vary. There are 21 credits to be used in the required units, and 3 credits to be used for a restricted choice elective.

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