AIIM believes that information is one of the most important assets of an individual or business. Originally formed as the National Micrographics Association in 1943, the Association for Information and Image Management has become a community around information. Technology has come a long way since the Association's inception, and the way that information is managed has changed a lot. One thing remains—the Association always focuses on where people, processes, and information intersect and helps organizations put their information to work. Individuals will have the opportunity to gain expert advice, access to market research, and valuable skills when they take a look at the collective wisdom of this community of information driven individuals. AIIM promises to provide the most educational, relevant, and unbiased content that will help solve many common business challenges. “Unbiased” is used in this context as product-neutral. As an association, the members are the owners. AIIM has members from all over the world in many different countries, industries and roles. The Association thrives on bringing individuals together to share their ideas and solve actual business issues. The AIIM resource center allows individuals to gain access to the top content on the very best information management applications and technologies. Members will choose the topic or topics that are of most interest to them and they will gain access to hundreds of amazing resources like white papers, research reports, and webinars. AIIM is a global company, having virtual offices that are staffed by team members in cities all over the world.

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Online Web Certification programs in Search, Information Organization & Access, Enterprise Content Management, etc.

Becoming a Certified Information Professional entails learning valuable skills and gaining experience that will optimize information outside and change businesses. This program allows individuals to become the best type of leader. Over the last 10 years, technology has changed in a way like never before—The cloud, consumerization, mobile apps, and the plain old Internet are all different than they once were. These changes mean that individuals have altered the way that they think about and subsequently interpret IT and enterprise information. It has also changed the way that they think about the types of skills that are needed to adapt to these specific changes. Information technology within administrations is changing – rather than the technology itself, it is now focusing on the stewardship, optimization, and application of the individual information assets themselves. To meet this specific need, AIIM has worked with experts in the industry and focus groups to define the necessary body of knowledge that information professionals need in order to become successful with economy. This certification and test based upon that body of knowledge and is available at many locations across the globe. Additionally, there is a set of training courses and materials that will help information professionals prepare for the exam. Non-members can expect to pay $60 for this, while professional members of AIIM can access the guide for free.

Those with existing work experience may find the certification fairly easy, but there are a number of resources available to prepare for the CIP Exam.

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