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The knowledge management Institute has over 6.000 certification graduates since 2001 and classes are delivered in up to 15 countries. KMI believes their students will see the value in what the institute offers. Great content, wonderful customer service, added value, post class takeaways, and an irreplaceable network of peers are just a few of the things gained by attending the certification courses put on by KMI. This institute is said to be the most trusted source in knowledge management certification for top level management across the globe. The programs will teach not only the foundations of the subject but also the best practices—developed by organizations at the top. Students will learn how to understand this in an academic setting and will be able to put these practices to work in their own interactive workshops. KMI students learn from each other with every class having about 20 students that represent not only the public sector but the private sector is well. They range from national organizations, newcomers and professionals, all sit on a full spectrum of experience providing many benefits that can't be attained anywhere else. KMI fully believes in the “teach and test” method, as memory recall is not good enough. All of those students who take classes face-to-face will have access to the program online through the website. This means that the team does not need to rely on any notes that I took in class, but they can return to important modules even months after the class and then.

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The Certified Knowledge Specialist Information Architecture

This is for individuals that have experience in situations that they could not find a document that they were searching for on their content management system or something similar. Perhaps they are using a system in which the navigation just isn't perfect for what needs to be done. Even worse, you may have discovered that there are items of similar content but of different names. The fix for these problems is to put in place an information architecture that will work as a user-centered taxonomy, metadata and keywords for consistent labeling, with organization and categorization to help with the findability of content. The instructor, Dr Anthony J Rhem has over 30 years of experience in all things related to information.

The class is held over the course of 4 days, and on the first two days, students will start with the core concepts. On the last two days, students will go deeper into information architecture. Students will understand the principles if IA, will understand how to develop and subsequently apply an information model, taxonomy, and a metadata schema. After the 4 days of the class, students will have to take an online examination, and upon successful completion of this with a passing grade, they will be a certified knowledge specialist (CKS). The intensive workshop is a full day of work—8:00 AM to 4:30 PM and students will be participating in discussions and handling real life scenarios where they will apply their knowledge. A workbook is provided for taking notes, along with a complimentary breakfast, lunch, and other refreshments.

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