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Since 1890, Washington State University has given inspiration to future generations of problem solvers. The faculty promotes discovery and sparks creativity among those students who are civic minded. Many alumni have gone on to become leaders within their fields with the goal of making the world a better place. There have been many life-changing discoveries at WSU. Everything from clean energy, health, food production, security, and economic opportunity—WSU has raised in the quality of life worldwide. It is just one out of 108 public and private universities in the United States as one of America's top research universities noted with very high research activity. The professors are the best of the best within their field. It consists of members of the national academies, this is the nation's top honor for scientific researchers and other types of honorees. Students can choose from 86 minors, 95 undergraduate majors, and over 100 in major specializations. There are also almost 150 graduate and professional programs. Students will be inspired to explore their topics with passion and purpose through fieldwork, in-depth labs, internships, and many research opportunities. There are study abroad programs in about 86 different countries—this provides a unique opportunity for students to receive priceless lessons about communication, culture, and the common good.

WSU welcomes students from 48 states, 90 countries, and many more cultures and backgrounds. These students will feel at home with many opportunities to participate in student organizations, volunteer, be peer tutors, and act at powerful role models.

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Bachelor of Arts Degree in Digital Technology and Culture

The digital technology and culture program offers an interdisciplinary approach—combining critical exploration of digital media with creative production. This program focuses on social, historical, political, and cultural understanding of the digital media that will prepare students to become important creative problem-solving is within their local and global communities. The students with in this program are creative, diverse, and imaginative. Students dive into everything from computer animation, digital design, and even social justice website design.

The digital technology and culture program will cultivate skills that are useful in many careers and educational pathways. Students will be able to choose from a variety of courses within the program, and design different experiences that will allow them to explore their own unique range of interests. Some of these skills include: critical thinking, media development, creative problem-solving, information management, project management, design principles and standards, audience awareness, user experience development, multimedia creation, and rhetorical analysis of media. This program is home to a number of events each semester. This includes workshops led by faculty, student project showcases, and even visiting scholar events, there is never a dull moment in the community. Students will always have access to all of the events happening on campus so that they have ample opportunity to participate and make lifelong connections. In the digital media club, students will come together to explore their common interests in a semi-formal way to learn in a more relaxed environment with leaders and peers. They will be developing friendships why practicing their skills for digital media.

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