Catholic University of America

District of Columbia, United States

Catholic University of America

Catholic University of America is the only national university of the Catholic Church that is in the United States. This is what makes it unique among other universities in the country, but it is even unique among other Catholic universities. CUA is nestled just minutes away from the nation's capital of Washington DC. This university was particularly established by the Catholic bishops of the US, accompanied by a deed from Pope Leo XIII, to be the one national university of the Catholic Church in America. The university aims to bring up a new cohort of Catholic minds, by finding a new and exhilarating way to apply the unlimited resources from the Catholic intellectual tradition, and to take the best of the best in Catholic minds in order to help with solving the problems of today's life, and to enhance the culture around us.

It is home to 12 schools and 21 research facilities, and kindly embraces the entire scope of the Catholic intellectual tradition. It is the only American university that has religious faculties that will grant canonical degrees in 3 disciplines. The university seeks to foster authentic Catholic minds regarding all things, fully using all humanly powers at our disposal within human reason, but will be enlightened by the great advantages of holding faith. In essence, being the only national university of the Catholic Church in America, they aim to bring together a strong Catholic identity with a rich educational experience that is rooted in the Catholic intellectual tradition.

620 Michigan Ave NE, Washington, DC 20064
(202) 319-5000

School of Library and Information Science

The Library and Information Science department aspires to be a hub for excellence that will transform the traditional roles of libraries and information professionals for the overall benefit of human society. Through the teaching, researching, and servicing, the department continually contributes to creating and managing knowledge and information, to preserve heritage and scholarship, and to demonstrate their commitment to uphold the common good. The department produces information professionals penetrated with the values of the library and information science career, and the department holds great value to collaboration, innovation, community, and excellence.

The LIS program develops graduates that: are skilled in organizing, managing, disseminating, and preserving information; are skilled in using information technologies and discuss the role of the information technology in the facilitation of information management; can demonstrate their commitment to the principles, philosophy, legal, and ethical responsibilities when in the field; are able to serve information seekers in this global society; appreciate the education and services as an integral part of the information professionals in society; are dedicated to their own professional growth through continuous learning and the application of new knowledge that will improve information systems and services that will meet the needs of all information users in society; can articulate the political, economic, social, and cultural importance of the information profession; and can interpret and apply any research results from library and information science or related fields. The school is committed to educating highly competent and ethical librarians and other information professionals that will go on to strengthen their fields.

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