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The School of Information at the University of Texas at Austin

The iSchool knows that the world we currently live in is increasingly more interconnected for people, ideas, and data. New technology and information changes the behavior, organizations, and even society. In order to understand these dynamics of the new world, that will help to shape a future that is conducive to social values, and knows that it is necessary to form knowledge using multiples disciplines—bringing together the arts and sciences, and applying human insights to technological advance. The iSchool has world-class faculty that has expertise in a wide array of disciplines that all come together in order to study and educate individuals about the interactions that people have with information, along with the process of managing and organizing information, and study the impact of new and emerging technologies. The iSchool seeks students that are able to see beyond the current approaches to various problems, who can recognize that information breaks boundaries, and those who are comfortable going across disciplines to find answers.

Students will learn to design new tools, organize data, analyze human activities, and ensure that technology will serve its intended users. It resides at the heart of one of the best cities in the country that is known for its unique mix of technology and culture. Students are connected with employers, and thanks to the worldwide network of alumni, the school boasts a 70% employment rate within 90 days of graduation. These careers are far reaching, well paid, and in high demand—all things that students want in their new careers.

1616 Guadalupe St, Austin, TX 78701
(512) 471-3821

Master of Science in Information Studies

This degree program is highly competitive and offers a path to a successful career for now and lasting into the future. This professional program appeals to students from many different undergraduate and professional backgrounds like psychology, business, anthropology, art history, music, architecture, and engineering. The field of information is rapidly expanding in this digital age, students in the iSchool take part in a curriculum that is flexible and provides the necessary tools to study, manage, and introduce new information systems around the world. The iSchool is dedicated to be the catalyst for the careers of its students and for students to hold leadership roles in the future.

Students will be required to complete a total of 40 semester hours of coursework, broken down into 9 hours for core knowledge courses, 27 hours of elective courses, and a 4 hour capstone experience. The MS degree is accredited, offering a terminal professional qualification for the world of technology that we live in. the program is designed so that it supports general and specific goals regarding education, and allows students to customize the program to fit their own interests or follow an outlined curriculum for a specific certification. While this degree is not offered totally online, there are some courses that are mostly or totally web based for convenience to many students. In order to successfully graduate from the program, students must maintain a B average in their upper level courses or else they could be threatened with termination from the university.

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