The University of Oregon, Eugene

Oregon, United States

The University of Oregon, Eugene

The UO sits right in the Willamette Valley, and is an easy drive to the Cascade Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. The UO is celebrated for its research artistry and total commitment to teaching. 9 different schools and colleges make up the university, made up of students that are creative, smart, and increasingly diverse. The university works hard to celebrate their success and work diligently to provide inspiring educational opportunities not only in the classroom, but beyond. Enrollment is capped at about 25,000—it has been dubbed the ideal number for a residential campus. It is not too large to make students feel lost in the hustle, but not so small that they feel like they have no privacy. The UO retention rate for freshmen is an astonishing 87% with the average GPA of entering students being 3.58.

The diversity of UO is outstanding as well—28% of freshmen are made up of ethnic and racial minorities, and 26% of freshmen are first generation college students. 38% of UO freshmen receive federal Pell grants. UO is just 1 of the 2 schools that are in the Pacific Northwest that were selected to be members of the Association of American Universities, a group of 62 of the leading public and private research institutions within the United States and Canada. The student to teacher ratio is 17 students per teacher, with the median class size being 20 students. There are over 300 degrees and certificates available for students to choose from.

1585 E 13th Ave, Eugene, OR 97403
(541) 346-1000

Applied Information Management (AIM) Master of Science Degree

Applied Information Management is important to everyone within an organization. It affects how well individuals communicate with their clients, how secure data may be, and if the organization meets its goals. Those who manage technologies, people, products, or services? Launch your career even further with the MS degree in AIM—you will be able to gain the skills that employers highly demand. This degree can be earned online. Many times those students who enroll in this program are full time working professionals and part time students. The AIM program is just one interdisciplinary degree that can be completed through The University of Oregon's graduate school. To apply to the program, students must have a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited university, they must currently have an employment position that is related to one of AIM's 4 main curriculum components, and the student must have no less than 5 years of working experience in some type of combination of any of the 4 AIM curriculum areas. These 4 areas that have been mentioned are information management, business management, information design, and applied research.

Students in this program are expected to complete 54 credit hours, 44 of those being the core courses. These core courses run 7 weeks while the remaining electives, 10 credit hours, run only 4 weeks each. Students are also required to complete a capstone research project comprised of a formal research paper in which they apply their accumulated knowledge to the current jobs that they are in.

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