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Kent State University

The vision of Kent State is to be a community individuals that promote change and have a collective commitment to learning and will ignite critical thinking, a meaningful voice, and extremely valuable outcomes that will better society as a whole. The university works to transform lives and communities through the power of learning, discovery, and creative expression within an inclusive environment. Here, students will find a unique blend of teaching, research, as well as creative excellence. Active inquiry and incredible discovery will expand the knowledge and understanding of humans. Students will get a life-changing educational experience that will perfectly complement a wide range of talents and aspirations. They will also enjoy feeling a real sense of place with the special learning-living environment. Diversity is vital within the university, blending many cultures, beliefs, identities, and thoughts. The engagement provided by faculty, staff, and students alike will inspire positive change around the globe. It is a collaborative community that paves the way for freedom of expression and freedom of ideas, stressing kindness, respect, and purpose in all that is done within the university.

The top priority of the university is to make sure that students receive the experiences, education, and support that they need in order to graduate and live successful yet satisfying lives regarding their work and their commitment to become an engaged citizen. The university gives great attention to academic quality and student success, with focus being on the recruitment of talented students and continues on with the commitment to support these students as they grow in this academically challenging environment.

800 E Summit St, Kent, OH 44240
(330) 672-3000

Master of Science in Information Architecture and Knowledge Management

Within this program, the concentrations are in knowledge management, health informatics, and user experience design are continuously changing and responding to the fluctuation of the marketplace for information and knowledge professionals and their own evolving skill sets. Some students may also consider pursuing a dual master's degree option that will increase their marketability within these informational professions. The knowledge management concentration will focus on the methods that are used to capture and form knowledge to be an asset for organizations, health informatics concentration focuses on how information is actually captured, how it has transmitted, and how it is used within the continuum of healthcare delivery. The user experience design concentration is made to address the informational, structural, emotional, and psychological aspects of whatever it is that makes a user interface successful—be it mobile, web, tablet, or any other device.

Health informatics are what sets the standard for electronic recordkeeping, it is what educates and advises about the electronic health records and issues. Knowledge management is the business process of formalizing the management and use of the intellectual assets of an enterprise. Lastly, the user experience design is a discipline that is concerned with each individual element that makes up the interface of a web application including the visual design, layout, sound, text, and interaction. User experience design will work to coordinate all of these elements so that they can allow for the best possible interaction by every user. Students will be prepared for their professional roles upon graduation.

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