Syracuse University

New York, United States

Syracuse University

Syracuse is a private research university that offers incredible academics, distinctive subject matter, and an indisputable spirit. The incredible campus sits in the heart of New York State with nearly 150 years of history. The university is made for those students who are looking for the quintessential college experience. Syracuse is proudly selective, and takes pride in selecting the students that are committed to dreaming big. The extent of the university is a testament to the strengths that it has—it was established in 1870, has over 200 majors and 100 minors, educates about 15,000 undergraduates and 5,000 graduates, and has a quarter of a million alumni spanning 160 countries.

Syracuse University hops to be a preeminent and inclusive research university that is focused on research to prepare engaged scholars, leaders, and citizens so that they may participate in this changing global society. The university ensures the success of its students by: promoting a culture of innovation and discovery, balancing a liberal arts education with professional studies, fostering a diverse and inclusive community for opportunity and learning, maintaining a love for the location and history of the campus as a place for access, innovation, engagement, and impact. Syracuse University has the ability to attract and engage the world's best scholars, but it is simultaneously small enough to be able to support a personalized yet academically rigorous experience for students, faculty, and staff. It university encourages experiential learning, global study, creativity, interdisciplinary scholarship, and entrepreneurial endeavors so that students may get the most of their experience.

Syracuse, NY 13210
(315) 443-1870

Master of Science in Information Management Master of Science in Information Management Executive Program

The MS in Information Management is taught through an interdisciplinary approach for learning as well as understanding information technology. Students are taught with the ideal that they are using their own unique academic and professional backgrounds to create an approach to information systems that will reap benefits for not only individuals but organizations as well. The curriculum is a combination of STEM courses that will give a balanced education and will prepare graduates for a variety of positions within the information field. It ensures that students from any academic or professional background may have the opportunity to thrive in the program. The faculty is made up of top researchers in their field and professors that bring valuable knowledge in the form of practical experience in the IT field. This program is made up of 42 credit hours, to be completed in about 2 years. Core classes plus electives allow a strong foundation for students to pursue the courses that interest them.

The Master of Science in Information Management Executive Program is almost exactly like the regular MS in IM, except it is offered as a 30 credit program at a reduced course load, only available to students that have 6 or more years of full time professional experience in an appropriate field related to information management. This path for the MS program in Information Management offers the flexibility, quality, marketability, and individuality of the traditional program, designed for those that are qualified by experience to jettison some of the courses.

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