Simmons College

Massachusetts, United States

Simmons College, Boston, MA

Simmons College is located in the heart of Boston, and embraces the many benefits of being a small university within the best college town in the nation. For over a century, Simmons has offered a liberal arts education for undergraduates integrated with a professional working experience. Today, Simmons offers a notable coeducational graduate programs in education, management, liberal arts, nursing and health services, communications, public health, social work, and library and information science. Simmons believes that leaders make themselves. Students have the opportunity to define exactly what leadership means to them, and will be aided by the college to arrive there. Students will become prepared to seize the moments of opportunity and take the chance that is right for them. Students will work, discover, and change—eventually becoming a new person. Students will still be their old selves, but with new confidence and courage. They will become not only a leader for themselves but for their community and their world.

The Simmons Mission is to provide functional learning that that brings together passion and purpose. For over 100 years, Simmons has set the needs of their students first. The education that they provide brings together intellectual leadership and professional preparation to help students to lead meaningful lives so that they are building successful careers. The college boasts state of the art facilities used for teaching, learning, working, and living at Simmons. Students will be part of the beacon of leadership in the world of Simmons by contributing to the collective investment that is made to the community.

300 Fenway, Boston, MA 02115
(617) 521-2000

Graduate School of Library and Information Science (GSLIS)

Simmons is known for putting students at the front of its priorities by helping them build their own successful careers, leading meaningful lives, and achieve a significant return on their own educational investments. Simmons views this as a strong responsibility—an educational promise that highlights their commitment to their students. Simmons knows that numerous schools lack sight of the implied agreement that is had with students, but this institution does believe that students should reasonably expect that their school will always keep the welfare of their students in their mind and in their heart. The School of Library Information Science is important in many ways. It is a national leader that has top rated faculty, esteemed alumni, and wonderful locations in Boston, Amherst, and South Hadley as well as programs that are offered online. The GSLIS does uphold their end of the educational contract, meaning that the focus stays on the students. Students are offered a highly collaborative yet intimate learning experience that is not seen in a large university. Students will have frequent and direct access to faculty that know names and will understand personal aspirations. They will work closely with their peers in supportive and engaging classroom environment, no matter if it is face to face or online.

The GSLIS has been helping students grow their careers since 1902, and boasts their faculty and staff as some of the most distinguished experts in their fields. There is much flexibility in the programs, offering full time, part time, night, and even weekend classes.

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