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Bentley is one of the leading business schools in the nation, as it is dedicated to a different and new kind of business leader—one that has deep technical skills, a global perspective with high ethical standards that are needed to make a difference in a world that is constantly changing. To achieve their goal, Bentley brings together their advanced business curriculum together with the practicality of a liberal arts education. The end results is graduates that will make an impact in their fields of choice while turning their passion into success stories. Bentley University is located on a beautiful New England campus that is just a short distance from Boston. The university is made up of an energizing community of leaders, creative thinkers, and scholars.

Today, we see challenges of a quickly changing world that have made particular skills and experiences related to business a hot seller. An increasing number of students are considering business as the starting point to their higher education experience, and are thinking of Bentley in the process. The university has a special way that it blends technology with business and the liberal arts. It is a private, not for profit institution that gives students skills that are practical, relevant, and transferable. Bentley blends the comprehensiveness and technological strength that a large university has with the values and student focus that a small college boasts. Students that are interested in business professions can choose from a wide range of programs that speak to all functional areas that are rooted in technology.

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Master of Science Human Factors in Information Design

At Bentley University, the experience starts with a firm understanding of human behavior, improved by greatly detailed user research. This leads to design innovation and product insights. The Human Factors Program will educate the leaders of tomorrow in the profession of user experience. The program emphasizes the important role that the user experience plays in business, through enhancing the competitive advantage of an organization. The user experience design will require a comprehensive understanding of people's values, goals, limitations, and abilities. This program requires studying design, sciences, and business. The design segment requires the meticulous resolution of the frequently conflicting demands that are inherent within interaction and interface design. Science asks individuals to gain an understanding of human behavior, perception, emotion, and values. And the business aspect recognizes that the ideal user experience will lead to a larger probability for a product that is successful and will enrich the lives of its users.

The Masters of Human Factors in Information Design has ten courses. Students that are considered full time will take 2 or 4 courses per semester and can be expected to finish the program in one year. Those students that are taking courses part time can expect to complete the program in 2 to 3 years. Many of the classes are project-based, meaning that students are required to manage products that are for a corporate partner. The program deliberately considers the diverse technologies and holds a balanced strategy that will satisfy the needs of today while still allowing individuals to adapt to the emerging technologies of tomorrow.

User Experience Certificate

The certificate program is great for those who would like to pursue an advanced study but are not able to commit to a full graduate degree program. The certificate option offers a perfect solution. Bentley University's user experience program has been around for so long that it is one of the oldest and most highly respected programs of its kind in the nation. This certificate program has given education to thousands of user experience professionals during its lifetime. The user experience certificate is great for a wide range of those who are working professionals like usability specialists, user experience designers and researchers, marketing specialists, developers, product managers, senior managers, and business analysts.

The expert faculty and progressive curriculum sit at the center of the user experience certificate program. Students are able to take classes on Bentley's campus or anywhere they have an internet connection. This certificate program aligns with Bentley's leading graduate program in human factors in information design, and the user experience center that is internationally recognized. This ensures that students can focus on the most up to date research, methods, and even market requirements. Students should note that there is a limited enrollment. Students are expected to take 3 required courses, and 6 elective courses that are to be chosen from user research and assessment, human behavior and the user experience, or design. Courses are scheduled for a 2 day format, and can be taken in any order. Those in the program are encouraged to take the Human Factors course as early as they can within their program. User Experience Certificate

User Experience Boot Camp

The User Experience boot camp builds upon the university's 20 year tradition of administering top notch user experience programs, this boot camp is offered once per year in March. The boot camp has been designed to fit the needs of a broad range of participants like user experience researchers, designers, business analysts, usability specialists, market researchers, product managers, and software and web developers. The curriculum has been meticulously designed so that it will reflect the most current employer demands and market conditions. The user experience boot camp details the growing value of the user experience as a strategic business advantage, and a point of distinction in markets that are mature or hyper competitive. Bentley is a leading business university and is positioned in a way that is unique, in that it delivers this perspective in a way that is thoughtful yet challenging.

It is a 5 day program and revolves around elements and the user experience, design implementation and innovation, user research and market segmentation, assessment and measurement, and success metrics and process improvement. The boot camp offers its attendants an intense combination of presentations, workshops, as well as an expert panel. Participants will experience the total life cycle of design by taking part in a design problem by researching it through design up to validation. Those in the boot camp will be organized into teams and the design problems are picked to test and broaden the participants understanding of the topics. The program runs 8:30am to 5:00pm each day.

Boot Camp

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