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Indiana University, School of Library and Information Science, Bloomington, IN

The School if Informatics is made up of the School of Informatics and Computing and the School of Informatics, IUPUI. The school has the expressed mission to lead and excel in research, education, and outreach that spans and integrates the full spectrum of computing and information technology—this includes the technical and scientific core, a wide range of applications, and societal and human implications and issues. The school works to lead the nation for the creation of a new, widespread, and interdisciplinary take on computing and information technology—and to use this viewpoint as the building blocks for the main areas of emphasis: education and research, economic development. And entrepreneurship, and diversity.

The school provides a wide array of programs for undergraduates and graduates in informatics and computer science, and does research in a wide array of computing and informatics foundations, implications, and applications. The school also works to provide their talented graduates and professionals opinions to a wide range of relevant businesses and occupations while placing stress on partnering with relevant businesses within the state of Indiana. There is also emphasis on the support for the entrepreneurial culture within students, alumni, and faculty. IU aims to render an environment that involves a wide variety of students, faculty, and staff. This includes women and minorities that are not very well represented as well as individuals that have varying talents and intellectual interests. The broad view that the school has of computing and information technology education along with research gives a strong foundation for its diverse goals.

1320 E 10th St, Bloomington, IN 47405
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Master of Library and Information Science

The Master of Information Science and Master of Library Science dual degree requires students to complete 54 hours of coursework, and they must fulfill a digital literacy requirement. This dual degree will give students an array of skills and experience that will help to shape the way that people use information. This expertness will become increasingly valuable as time goes on. There is room in businesses, academic libraries, the government, and nonprofits—meaning just about everywhere. This program allows students to earn two degrees in less time and less overall credits than it would have taken to earn them separately.

To apply to this program, students should have a 4 year bachelor's degree from an accredited institution with a minimum GPA of 3.0 in undergraduate studies. If this GPA is not met, students should submit their GRE scores. Students will also submit 3 letters of reference, their resume, and a personal essay. If a student is already in the midst of pursuing one of these two degrees, they are able to write a petition to be admitted into the dual degree program. This petition has to include a statement of personal goals, describing all academic and career objectives in at least 500 words. Students are expected to complete 18 credit hours in the MIS section, the MLS section, and in electives. They must maintain a GPA of 3.0 for graduation, and will be awarded the dual degrees once both programs are successfully completed. Students are also encouraged to participate in student chapters of professional organizations.

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