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University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, School of Information Sciences

The School of Information Sciences at the University of Illinois is an iSchool that has found tradition of innovation and excellence. The school is a leader across the globe in library and information science research, education, and practice. The school can boast that the MS in Library and information Science was ranked number 1 by the US News and World Report, ever since the magazine started ranking that specific program type. As the output of information grows larger each year, there is just as much of an increase in the need for professionals that can aid in managing an overload of information. This is because they work to connect people with information resources and information technology that is needed in order to achieve a specific set of goals—personal, corporate, community, global, or government goals.

At the School of Information Sciences, the outstanding faculty educate students that will eventually become leaders within the information professions, changing the way that information is produced, analyzed, and saved. This type of work will benefit all parts of society like businesses, healthcare, the arts, politics, education, international information exchange, and personal information management. The School of Information Sciences is proud to be at the front of its niche, and encourages students from all walks of life to apply, as the field is growing increasingly more important. When joining the school, students will see that no matter what their educational background or interests are, there are many opportunities to do valuable and interesting work that changes lives.

501 E Daniel St, Champaign, IL 61820
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Master of Science in Information Management

This program is designed to meet the need for a larger and more prepared workforce surrounding information management. It will prepare students for information-intensive roles in the professional workforce within a wide array of sectors. More and more, organizations of all kinds are relying on the particular use of information in order to create solutions for the world's most challenging issues. MSIM graduates are positioned so that they can lead the way in using the world's changing information resources for the good of all. The very first cohort of MSIM started school in Fall 2016, and is made up of over 40 students. It is made up of diverse individuals who bring and equally diverse set of abilities and expertise to the program. Starting Spring of 2017, the iSchool offers online enrollment.

The curriculum puts emphasis on a heavy understanding of the interaction of people, technology, and information and will reflect on the professional commitment to advancing the prosperity of society through the employment of information. The expert faculty are leaders in their fields, and provide the knowledge and skills that are needed to have a successful career in designing and managing information systems. The program is made up of 40 credit hours, including 3 required courses. The additional elective courses are chosen when the student consults with their adviser to determine the best path. Those who wish to enter the program are expected to have sufficient existing knowledge of programming, otherwise they will need to take an additional programming course.

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