Illinois Institute of Technology

Illinois, United States

Illinois Institute of Technology

This institution is a private research university that is focused on research offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees in science, architecture, engineering, design, business, applied technology, human sciences, and even law. Illinois Tech is just one of 21 institutions that make up the Association of Independent Technological Universities, and offers students great preparation for many professions that involve technological sophistication, an entrepreneurial spirit, and an innovative mindset.

Created in 1940, Illinois Tech was created when Armour Institute and Lewis Institute merged. Since then there have been many changes, and the most recent chapter is the Many Voices, One Vision 2014-2019, Moving Forward: A Strategic Plan for Illinois Institute of Technology continues with the previous plan to focus on the initiative of the institution to strengthen the infrastructure. The newest plan states the intention of finding new ways to find excellence along with fiscal stability while holding up their mission and vision that has led the university for the last 125 years. IIT believes that educational programs and research themes must be interdisciplinary in order to achieve any type of distinction. The institution aims to become excellent in research and education because the two work together to make improvements in each domain. Research at all levels is vital to grabbing the attention of the public, attracting a larger selection of high-quality students, and differentiating IIT from similar institutions. Illinois Institute of Technology has made itself known as a preeminent engineering school that holds additional strengths in architecture, design, science, and law.

3300 S Federal St, Chicago, IL 60616
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Master of Science in Information Architecture

In today's society, the world is becoming more and more dependent on technology, and organizations are on the prowl for employees that have the skills necessary to effectively communicate by using an array of technological platforms. This program prepares students to structure and deliver information to ensure the best possible user experience for both the desktop and mobile format. In this program, students will take courses for enhanced technical communication core and will successfully develop specialized skills, concepts, and tools that are necessary for designing, applying, and managing all types of digital media and web applications.

The program requires the completion of 33 credit hours. Students that attend the program full time (9 credit hours per semester) can expect to complete the MS degree in 2 years. Students that are attending the program part time (3 to 6 credit hours per semester) can expect to complete the MS degree in no more than 3 years. The program is broken down into: 18 credit hours dedicated to core classes, a minimum of 9 credit hours for electives, a minimum of 3 credit hours for the thesis or project, and then a final review of the project or thesis. Those who will be staying to complete their PhD are encouraged to complete the program with the thesis option, and those who will be entering the workforce are encouraged to take the project option. Those who have graduated from the program have gone on to land successful careers in many different aspects of information architecture.

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