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University of Colorado at Denver & Health Sciences Center

As a whole, the University of Colorado makes advancements in the culture, health, and economy of Colorado as well as beyond. It has helped 424,000 students graduate, moving on to become leaders in change for business, science, arts, community, and health. There are 4 campuses, all of which hold top-tier faculty and employ hands-on learning that provides opportunities in environments that are ideal for students to thrive. CU Denver operates on 3 words—“learn with purpose”. Students will find that this phrase allows them to focus on their future as they complete their research, classwork, and internships. Here, the students, faculty, and staff share a goal of making education matter. CU Denver finds its home in the heart of Denver, a city that was ranked in Forbes Top 10 cities for young professionals.

120 majors and minors are available to students, and they can enjoy the close proximity of the CU Anschutz campus that is home to many research and health programs. The university is filled to the brim with student organizations for all types of clubs and sports. There will be a weight room, lap pool, and other facilities available in spring of 2018 within the wellness center. Additionally, those who are worried about the student to teacher ration can rest easy, knowing that they will receive all of the attention that they could want or need with the 17 to 1 ratio. With all of the great things about a large university, students won't feel lost in a sea of many, thanks to this.

1250 14th St, Denver, CO 80204
(303) 315-5969

Usability Testing Course as Part of Graduate Certificate in Technical and Professional Communication

The graduate certificate in Technical and Professional Communication has been designed for working adults that are employed or are seeking to be employed in the field of technical communication. Technical communication is one of the fastest growing sectors in today's economy that is global and reliant on the latest technology. Students on track for the certificate will receive state of the art training in all of the core skills that are required in the profession. The certificate also allows students to choose their courses from specialized areas. The certificate is designed for those who are working professionals that already have a bachelor's degree, but would like to further their education while updating their skills.

Students will either complete the certificate as non-degree seeking students, if enrolled in the MA program after completing the certificate can transfer credits to their degree, or will complete the certificate in addition to their degree. It is made up of 9 semester hours—broken down into 6 hours of required courses and 3 hours of electives at the 5000 level or higher. The certificate programs exist for students to demonstrate their proficiency in a specific field of study.

Usability testing teaches students how to assess technical documentation testing needs, designing and implementing a usability testing plan, evaluation of testing options for cost/benefit and feasibility, and evaluating and writing test results for real client documents and products. Students must have completed COMM 3120 before they can enroll in Usability Testing, or they must have exclusive permission from their instructor.

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