Southern Connecticut State University

Connecticut, United States

Southern Connecticut State University

SCSU is made up of over 10,000 students, and is nestled less than 3 miles from New Haven's downtown—adjacent to the historic and eclectic Westville Village area of the city. The university was founded in 1893 as a teachers college, and has grown over the last 100 years into a comprehensive university that offers 114 programs for undergraduates and graduates. Over 700 faculty members corral students through a wide variety of studies and research opportunities.

Southern Connecticut State University is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and the Connecticut Board of Governors for Higher Education. In 2012 it received full accreditation by the NEASC after a study worked to analyze its effectiveness as a learning and teaching institution, meeting all 11 standards for accreditation.

New Haven is home to about 131,000 residents, with 55% of them being between the ages of 18 and 49—meaning that it is one of the state's youngest trending cities. It is home to 5 colleges and universities, so there is no shortage of college students around town. The city is filled with community festivals, galleries, museums, architecture, performance arts, and historic sites—all of which greatly complement a college education. There are many places to shop, relax, and let loose with the mix of locally owned nightclubs and restaurants, mom and pop shops, and the expected big name stores. SCSU offers an off-campus shuttle bus to help students get around the city, as well as a U-Pass that allows for free bus rides through the city.

501 Crescent St, New Haven, CT 06515
(203) 392-7278

Information and Library Sciences Department

The Information and Library Sciences Department at Southern Connecticut University offers a variety of programs: B.S. In Information Management and Services, an online Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS), Connecticut Certification for School Media Specialist, 6th year Diploma in Information Studies, and Continuing Education. All of these programs will give a substantial experience in library science and offers a variety of electives like information architecture, instructional design, network management, and digital libraries. The electives available allow students to get ready for positions as professionals like those within public libraries, special libraries, academic libraries, and school media centers, as well as those information careers that are non-traditional. The department offers core classes as well as a wide variety of electives for online study have allowed students from all over the country and world to complete programs through Southern Connecticut State University.

The MLIS program gives a progressive graduate education to grow the next generation of diverse information and library professionals as leaders in a rapidly changing and technologically advanced environment. It provides a student-centered program that combines outstanding leadership, teaching, and scholarship for students not only in Connecticut, but also beyond. Library and information professionals are prepared to be knowledgeable and ethical to meet the needs of the continually expanding opportunities within an information society that spreads far and wide, always growing and encompassing diversity. Graduates within the department will gain a high quality education that is appropriate at different levels, like those of graduate professionals and postgraduates alike.

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