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UCLA Extension is one of the country's largest, oldest, and most comprehensive provider for continuing higher education, giving students all of the necessary options and wide variety of courses that are needed. The Extension offers the excellent quality expected of a UCLA curriculum, various locations that are convenient for most students, courses offered all times of day and online, open enrollment, certificate programs, continuing education credits, and transferable undergraduate degree credits, and courses that are designed specifically for those who are college students, working adults, and lifelong learners. UCLA Extension aims to create exceptional learning experiences for adults of all ages, at varying stages of their education. The institution engages the power of education to transform businesses, lives, and communities all over the world.

The university acts on the highest moral and ethical standards professionally, personally, and academically. They are committed to honesty, accountability, truth, and sincerity to earn the trust that is placed in it by students and faculty. UCLA Extension exhibits the highest degree of knowledge, proficiency, commitment, and expertise in all that is done while helping students, staff, and instructors to reach their personal, academic, and professional goals. Extension provides the best access and support for those who are being served, and for one another. UCLA Extension acts as an incubator for new ideas, processes, and programs that are imaginative and innovative—creating new formats for learning that will meet the continuously changing needs of the students as their academic goals and personal circumstances will alter.

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Advanced Web and Interaction Design Certificate

This program is designed for those who are experienced designers, or those who are students that have completed the DCA Certificate Program and would like to further their education and improve their skills and insight to the always changing world that is web design. The program gives students advanced training in technology, user experience, user interaction, problem solving, dynamically delivered content, and much more. The coursework will emphasize immersive and engaging user experiences, website optimization, and design solutions using critical thinking and applied techniques. The program is made up of 24 units, broken down into 3 required courses in addition to 3 electives, while requiring permission to enroll. The admission to the program is restricted to those who have received DCA Certificates in the last 3 years, or by review of the individual's portfolio.

Students that take 2 courses per semester can expect to complete the program in about 3 semesters, but many students are working full time while taking classes and may opt for 1 or 2 classes per semester. It should be noted that not all classes are offered each semester, so students should keep themselves up to date with the latest course offerings. Students will also have the option of completing the entire program online, but the availability of courses face to face and online will change format from time to time, so it is vital that the student be advised before committing to the program with expectations of completing it totally one way or the other.

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